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Whether camping, hiking or even at home, ice packs, also known as cold packs and freezer packs, have a wide number of uses such as keeping your food and drinks cold, treating minor sprains or insect bites, and even for keeping yourself cool during the hot summer months. From limiting the amount of mess inside your coolers when camping to lasting longer than regular ice, there are so many reasons to put some ice packs in your cooler during your next outdoor adventure! Grab great ice bricks perfect for your soft cooler bag, hard cooler or ice box.

Cold Packs For All Your Needs

Designed by the well-known outdoor brand Coleman, our enormous range of ice packs and ice bricks will make sure all of your food and drink stays cool and fresh for much longer. From ice bricks made from BPA-free plastic that are ideal for keeping large coolers cold, like our Coleman 6 Can Ice Brick, to gel packs like our Coleman Gel Pack that is filled with non-toxic gel and great for keeping items cool and fresh in smaller coolers, you will find the best ice packs right here at Anaconda!

Ice Pack & Cold Pack FAQs

How long does it take an ice pack to freeze?

The amount of time it will generally take for an ice pack to freeze is at least 24 hours. This is why when planning an upcoming camping trip, make sure that you place all of your ice packs and ice bricks into the freezer the night before to make sure that they are frozen solid and are ready when it comes time to pack the cooler and embark on your trip.

What does an ice brick do?

Designed to complement your car fridge, ice box or cooler, an ice brick is designed to fulfil one purpose: keeping your food and drinks nice and cold for an extended period of time. This is important because not only does this aid in the prevention of harmful bacteria, but it also is extremely effective in making sure that heat energy doesn't get inside your cooler and makes the inside of your cooler hot. The last thing you will want when on a camping trip is to open your cooler only to find that the inside contents have spoilt due to an increased temperature permeating from within the confines of your cooler box.

Do ice packs stay colder longer than ice?

The answer to this question is that yes, ice packs do stay colder than traditional icebound water varieties, also known as 'ice'. However, there is a slight caveat to this theory: it also heavily depends on where the cooler box is located. For example, placing your cooler box in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day with no shade from the sun will most likely result in the inside temperature of your cooler box receiving some significantly raised temperature levels.

Should ice packs go on top or bottom of the cooler?

When packing for your next camping trip, always remember that ice packs should always be placed on the bottom of the cooler. The general rule when packing a cooler is that ice packs should be placed down at the bottom, followed by the items that you are wanting to keep cool, and then a final layer of ice is poured over the top while making sure that every crevice is completely filled to the brim.

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