Soft Plastic Baits

Soft plastic lures are extremely versatile and come in the shape of worms, shads and swim baits. Explore our range fishing baits and lures at Anaconda.

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Can I purchase soft plastic baits at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Shop Anaconda's range of soft plastic baits including worms, minnows, shads, crabs and swim baits. These little plastic baits are said to be highly effective at catching coarse fish such as Pike, Perch, Zander and Chubb, and for the sea angler Bass, Pollock, and Wrasse. Anaconda stocks quality soft plastic baits by brands such as Berkley, Squidgy and many others. Soft plastic has many advantages over hard bodied lures - when a fish strikes a soft plastic bait it feels natural so fish will mouth it longer giving the angler extra time to set the hook.

How are soft plastic baits made?

To make soft plastic bait, plastic is heated up until it becomes liquid and then poured into a mould to replicate the shape of grubs, worms, baitfish, crawfish, lizards, frogs, and insects. During the bait-making process, additional ingredients can be added to appeal to the senses of the fish, such as scents, layered colours, metal flakes, and flavours. Other additions may be lifelike realistic features like crescent rings on worms and grubs, floating claws on crawfish, web feet and feelers on amphibians, holographic and translucent flash on shad etc.

Some of the most popular soft plastic baits:

The worm: The average plastic worm consists of a slender body with some type of curly tail that flutters when the worm is moved. Even though we look at this bait as imitating an earthworm, fish more than likely see it as a type of fish swimming along, since the only worms that fish ever really see are those tossed into the water on a hook by anglers. Worms have stood the test of time and continue to catch millions of fish every year.

The grub: Grubs come in a few different styles and shapes, as well as in many colours. The most popular size with most anglers is the 3-inch (7.5 cm) version, but they can range in size from 1 to 6 inches. The smaller sizes are excellent for panfish while the monster sized grubs work well for musky or even large saltwater fish. When it comes to their looks, grubs can have a curly tail, or they can have just a straight tail. The types of grubs with a straight or flat tail are called Stingray grubs.

Tube bait: Another favourite soft plastic lure is called the tube bait. It gets its name from the fact that it looks like a hollow, plastic tube! The tube bait imitates a dying bait fish almost perfectly when allowed to fall on a slack line, spiralling toward the bottom of the lake very quietly and subtly.

The shad: The soft plastic shad body is popular in fresh water and salt water throughout many regions of the world. They are a very straight-forward bait to fish with and they will catch just any species that swims. As with the tube bait, their style doesn't vary a lot apart from colour or size. Shad bodies can range in colour from solid white or solid black, to any variation or mixture of colours in between.

Does Anaconda sell other types of bait too?

Yes, as well as these soft plastic baits, you will find all types of lures here at Anaconda, so check out the whole fishing range to find all your perfect accompaniments for your next fishing trip! As well as rods, reels, lines, lures, bait, storage and other accessories, you can also find great clothing and footwear that is specially designed for fishermen, plus many other essentials that will help to make your next fishing trip an amazing experience.



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