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Can I purchase jig heads at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! a jig head is a small weight with a hook built into it. The hook is speared into the front end of a soft plastic lure which is then carefully threaded down the shank until the head of the 'fish' butts against the back of the jig head. The lead weight (the head) may be round, elongated or oval. The jig head makes sure the lure actually sinks and also gives it an aerodynamic casting weight located right at the front end of the bait. Not only will this produce good distance when casting but it also means you can accurately land the lure.

Instructions on how to use a jig head:

Select a jig head to match the bait being used. The size and corresponding weight of the jig head is important. If the jig is too heavy, the bait will sink too quickly and will not produce a good action in the water. If the jig is too light, you may not be able to get the bait down to where fish are holding in the water.

Hold the bait in one hand and the jig in the other. The jig should be positioned so that it is level with the bait and the hook point is above the shank. Position the tip of the hook so that it is located at the front of the bait at a position where the mouth would be.

Insert the point of the hook into the front of the bait. Push the point straight into the soft plastic for about 3/4 inch or so. Keep in mind that there will typically be a flex joint near the head of the bait. Be careful that the hook is not inserted through the joint as this will prevent the bait from swimming.

Turn the point downward and push it through the bottom of the bait just back from the jaw area. Adjust the bait on the jig head so that the front of the bait is positioned next to the lead weight. There may also be a small keeper barb designed to hold the bait in place while fishing. Make sure the bait is pushed up to the point where the barb is inside the bait.

Attach the rigged bait to your fishing line with an improved clinch knot. Use a pair of snips to remove any excess line from the knot.

Jig heads at Anaconda

Here at Anaconda, we stock a variety of different jig heads that are available both as individual items or in convenient assorted packs. Choose from a wide variety of weight from well-known brands such as Tackle tactics and Berkley to find your ideal jig heads here at Anaconda.

Does Anaconda sell other fishing gear too?

Yes, browse our huge collection of fishing gear for all types of anglers from beginners to seasoned veterans, as well as colourful and fun kits for kids, all types of storage, clothing, footwear and other fishing essential and accessories for great choice at amazing prices, all in one convenient place.



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