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Our range of baitcaster and reel combinations will give anglers more control and improved accuracy. Browse the baitcaster combos range at Anaconda.

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Can I purchase baitcasting combos at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Experienced anglers will love the range of bait casting combos available at Anaconda. These quality rod and reel combinations will give you more control and improve accuracy, and are available in a number of different options. With Anaconda's bait casting combos, produced by market leaders Shimano, Daiwa and Ugly Stik, you will be able to choose from different lengths and styles of rod and exactly the right type of reel for your preferred angling conditions, location and type of fish.

Why use baitcasting combos?

Baitcasting reels are one of three main reels used by the majority of fresh- and saltwater game fish anglers. The baitcast reel is often the first choice for many professionals on a daily basis. Once feared by many because of the explosive backlashes, modern braking systems in baitcast reels provide finite adjustment and help to greatly reduce this possibility.

Heavy Lines - It is often necessary to use heavy lines when fishing for larger game fish. Freshwater species such as large catfish and saltwater king mackerel require the use of heavier lines. Baitcast reels are much more suitable for handling larger and heavier weight lines than spinning equipment, especially when it comes to casting. The direct winding design of a baitcast reel, as opposed to a bail mounted roller, allows the frame of the reel and spool to absorb the load of the line rather than the bail wire.

Precision and accuracy - People using baitcasting reels for the first time may find it hard to believe more precise casting is possible with a baitcast reel than a spinning reel. However, once you master the correct casting technique, the line control that is possible with baitcasting reels means there is an extra degree of accuracy and placement. A fisherman does not have to rely only on aim and casting but can slow the line and lure to hit a specific spot on the water.

The benefits and drawbacks between spinning combos and baitcasting combos are a constant source of discussion in the angling community, so you will have to decide which weighs more heavily with you when choosing your preferred fishing combo, and the wide choice of makes and models available at Anaconda means that you will be able to find your ideal combination here.



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