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Shop Must-Have Backpacks and Bags For Camping, Hiking, Trekking and Travelling

Having a functional pack or bag is essential to ensure your camping or hiking trip is safe, enjoyable and convenient. Having all your necessities accessible is key especially when on the trail. Visit Anaconda in-store and try out our range of travel bags, hydration packs, travel packs and other camping bag options for yourself today. Whether you are new to the outdoors or looking to upgrade your kit, find the best hiking bags right here. Quality products from Blackwolf, Denali and Mountain Designs have fans worldwide for all the right reasons, with the best products available at Anaconda.

Find the Perfect Backpacks for Camping and Hiking at Anaconda

The first consideration should be the brand of camping bag or travel backpack. Anaconda partners include name brands such as Sea to Summit, Blackwolf, Caribee, Oztrail, Osprey, Camelbak and more leading Australian and international manufacturers. Here are some daypack and camping bag options available at Anaconda, online or in-store:

  • Day Packs (10L-30L): Small hiking daypacks are ideal for day trips and picnics, and these waterproof packs are deceptively big with enough room to store rainwear, insect protection, toiletry gear, first aid equipment, snacks, towels, swimmers and much more.
  • Mid-Sized Trekking Packs (30-50L): Mid-size travel bags, hiking packs and camping bags are ideal for short overnight camping trips. They are also great for trekking, with enough room to stow a lightweight swag, sleeping bag, hydration pack and other essentials.
  • Hiking Packs and Backpacking Packs (50L-110L): Hiking packs have room to store a hiking tent, sleeping bag, dry sacks, air bed and other essentials for a comfortable and safe journey. When camping at a campsite with family or friends, you can mix and match camping bag and hiking pack solutions.

Find Essential Bags for Travelling

If you are travelling overseas, locally or visiting friends and family for overnight trips, get the right backpack or travel bag for your needs. Our range includes:

  • Travel Bags: No matter where you visit or how you travel, it's important to carry a durable and long-lasting travel bag that can handle tough love. Your travel bag will double as an organiser, so it's important to purchase a daypack with waterproof ability and other features such as water bottle storage, shoulder bag adaptability, strong weather-proof zippers and pockets for carrying insect protection, toiletries and other personal items.
  • Duffels & Totes: Travellers, hikers, campers, gym goers and in fact anyone who has a truckload of gear should check out our huge range of large duffle bags that offer a convenient way to carry large amounts of gear - in style and comfort.
  • Dry Bags & Waterproof Cases: It's not worth risking your pricey equipment, clothes and important other items to the mercy of the elements when hiking outdoors. Keep them secure, dry and safe in our range of high-performance dry bags and waterproof cases.

Backpacks and Bags FAQs

How to fit a hiking pack?

The fit determines how comfortable you'll be when you're wearing it and walking around, so it has to be right. Get it wrong and you could end up extremely uncomfortable, with back pain or an injury. Ensure you measure your torso length and try on your backpack at home before your trip. Our packs and bags buying guide has more information on fitting your pack.

Do I need a rain cover?

A rain cover is a great idea if you are travelling in wet winter conditions. A cover can also prolong the life of your backpack and protect it from dirt and scratches.

How to store bags and backpacks when not in use?

When not using your backpacks, smaller bags and backpacks can be hung on hooks behind a door or in a closet. Larger bags should be stored in a dust bag/plastic bag and should be in a dry place such as a storage cupboard, attic or storage box.

What Else Can I Find In The Bags and Travel Equipment Range at Anaconda?

We have all the essentials you need for your adventure. Whether you are embarking on a trip of a lifetime or looking for fashionable bags everyday, find it here. Our range also includes:

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Bags: Look stylish on the streets with our range of fashion backpacks from brands such as Adidas, The North Face and Fjallraven Kanken.
  • Gym Bags: Our range of stylish duffle bags and backpacks also double up as amazing gym bags. Keep your belongings together and hit the gym in style.
  • Travel Accessories: Our huge range of travel accessories includes waist packs, travel chargers, ear plugs, security locks, umbrellas, luggage straps and so much more.
  • Hiking Accessories: The massive range of hiking accessories at Anaconda includes repair tape, compasses, waterproof cases, emergency kits and much more.

Shop The Entire Range Of Travel Bags At Anaconda

Anaconda hiking bags, camping bags and hiking daypacks are available in a range of colours. Your hiking pack or travel backpack frame and straps should fit your back and shoulders comfortably - and look good! Shop our entire range of travel bags, backpacks, camping bags, hiking bags and much more online or visit us in-store today. The comprehensive Packs & Bags Buying Guide has much more information on how to choose the right backpack for you. Remember to check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as the ultimate checklist for hiking essentials, Australia's most exciting winter hiking trails and essential hiking gadgets. Anaconda aims to inspire, equip & enable Australians with the best value and broadest range of outdoor adventure and sporting products! Trust Anaconda for everything you need to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.



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