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Anaconda offers a variety of bait pumps and crab pot accessories including bait clips, floats and ropes. Discover the range online or in-store today!

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Whether you're into crabbing or catching your own live bait, Anaconda has all the equipment you need to make the job easier and be more successful. Check out our large selection of crab pots, bait holders, floats, bait pumps and consumables to help you catch critters all day long. We offer fishing and crabbing equipment from brands that have earned much respect all over Australia such as Wilson, Alvey, Jarvis Walker and Surecatch.

Bait Pumps and Bait Holders

Do you prefer live bait over artificial lures and jigs? Or do you just want to have some fun with your kids collecting live bait? Here at Anaconda we offer a wide range of bait pumps that allow you to easily harvest buckets of fresh yabbies, sand worms, beach worms, wriggler worms and pipis that burrow deeply in sand or soft soil. We also offer bait pump washer kits that have everything you'll need to repair different sized plungers.

Anaconda also sells bait holders, also known as bait buckets, so you can keep your live bait from falling all over the place and carry them around within arm's reach.

Crabbing Accessories

If you're into crabbing, you can use crab bait holders or bait pouches in your crab pots to keep your bait out of reach and safe from being completely eaten by any crabs that you catch. We also sell bait clips so you can secure your crab bait to the centre of your crab pot.

An alternative to using bait holders and clips is the bait up bag. You can load up a bait up bag and get everything ready from a more convenient location, then simply head out to your crab pots and quickly rig everything up with the built in hooks. Removal of the bait up bag is also very quick and simple if you need to reload it or if you're done for the day.

Another essential that every crabber should always have is some quality rope that will safely secure your crab pots and let you reel them in when it's time to collect your catch. Anaconda sells high quality poly rope up to 100 metres long, which are strong enough to safely haul back your crab pots even if it's filled up with a bunch of big and heavy crabs. We also carry Styrofoam floats that you can use as a buoy to help mark the location of your crab pots.

Some basic knots that every crabber should know are the non-slip mono knot, clove hitch and bowline knot. Good knots will make sure your crab pots don't end up getting stuck in the bottom of the ocean. You'll be tying several knots while crabbing when attaching the end of your rope to an anchor piece, float and crab pot. You can also use knots to make several lengths of rope into a very long one.

You should also check out our Crabbing ID Kits so you can label your crab pots for easier identification and let everyone else know who the crab pots belong to. These complete ID kits come with waterproof plastic tags and a waterproof marker, as well as plastic zip ties to securely attach the tags to your crab pots.



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