Inline Spinners

All inline spinners work the same way, no matter who they have been made by. The main differences are in size, and which colours they are available in. The secret to success of this particular type of lure is the spinner blade. This puts out a lot of vibration in the water, as well as creating a lot of flash, both of which will attract a large number of fish species. You can fish them with a straight retrieve, which is the standard way to use them, or use a stop and go method. Here at Anaconda, find inline spinners from well-known fishing brands Celta, Bluefox and Rublex.

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What is an inline spinner?

Inline spinners belong to a family of lures called spinnerbait. It is one of the two most popular types of spinnerbait, with the other being the safety pin type of spinnerbait.

Inline spinners and other spinnerbaits are quite easy to use even for beginners. All lures in the spinnerbait category have at least one blade that spins rapidly as it moves through the water. The spinning blade flashes light and creates vibrations through the water which are very effective at attracting fish. Not only are inline spinners easy to see and look like easy prey as it glimmers and flutters across the water, but fish can also feel and hear its vibrations from a distance through the water.

What are inline spinners used for?

Inline spinners are a favourite for fishing predatory fish like bass, cod, pike and golden perch. It's very effective for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and can also be easily cast from shore or trolled behind a boat. A lot of anglers like using inline spinners to find out what kind of fish are swimming in a particular fishing spot. Inline spinners are also considered horizontal and swimming baits.

What types of inline spinners can I buy from Anaconda?

Anaconda sells inline spinners from brands like Rapala Blue Fox and Rublex. You can choose between different spinner blade, weighted head and hook designs from our assortment of inline spinners.

What Are the different blade types?

Inline spinner blades come in different styles, sizes and colours.

Colorado blades are rounder and shorter with a deep cup like that of a spoon. These blades create a lot of vibration which make them ideal when there's low visibility in the water. Colorado blades also have a low sink rate which makes them great for shallow waters and slow retrieves.

Willow blades are named after Willow leaves and are narrow and long with a shallow cup. These blades produce a lot of flash and are great for fishing in clear water. Willow blades don't have as much lift as Colorado blades do, and are more suited for fast retrieves.

Indiana blades offer a middle ground between Colorado and Willow blades. These are longer than Colorado blades but not as elongated as Willow blades. Indiana blades have a more oval shape and provide more flash than Colorado blades with less vibration through the water.

Blade Finishes

Spinner blades also come in a variety of finishes. Some have shiny gold, silver, copper or chrome plated metal finishes that provide a lot of flash. Inline spinners with painted blades are also very popular and come in different patterns or bright solid colours that make them look more like baitfish. You can also get spinner blades with holographic or glass like finishes that flashes light like a prism. Another recent trend are fluorescent or glow in the dark inline spinner blades.


Most inline spinner models are also offered with different spinner blade sizes ranging from size 0 which is the smallest, up to size 8 which is the largest.

Head and Hook Types

Another defining characteristic of different inline spinners are the type of weighted head each one uses. Some have a simple cylindrical head while other inline spinner heads have a painted baitfish profile to look more like a typical lure.

Most inline spinners have a traditional treble hook rather than a single hook. In situations where a single hook is preferred, like when fishing through cover or heavy vegetation, many anglers simply replace the standard treble hook with a single hook.



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