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Inline spinners are incredibly popular artificial lures that have been used for over a hundred years. Every angler will encounter this lure at one point or another, this includes in the collection of Anaconda. Naturally, the use of the inline spinner may seem a little daunting if you are not familiar with it. So, let us provide you with a convenient guide that will tell you a little more about this incredible artificial lure.

Inline Spinners FAQs

Are inline spinners still applicable with the latest lures on the market?

You may already know that inline spinners are counted among some of the oldest artificial lures on the market, but this does not mean they have to bow down to the latest lures that have been released. Inline spinners are counted among the most reliable lures, so they are a staple for the collection of many anglers.

Which waters are inline spinners most suitable for?

Inline spinners are commonly used in freshwater. They are popular among anglers who like to fish for salmon, muskies, northern pikes, bass, and trout. The lure is easy to apply. It consists of metallic blades and a weighted body, which causes the unique movement of the lure in the water.

How does the design of the inline spinner influence my fishing experience?

An inline spinner has a unique design that influences your fishing experience. While it may be difficult to imagine that each little piece on the lure has a specific function, that is exactly the case for the inline spinner. If you are not familiar with each of the components of the inline spinner, be sure to read the additional information below.

  • The spinner blade - The blade is undoubtedly the most important component in the inline spinner's design. In fact, the quality and the overall design of the blade will determine the effectiveness of your inline spinner. The blades that come on the lure can also determine their suitability to catch certain types of fish. Therefore, you have to look at the size of the blades to make sure they are suitable for the fish you are trying to catch. Blades can also come in different colours, so there are no limitations in terms of design. The most used spinner blades tend to have a metallic coating, which reflect better in the water and are more attractive for certain types of fight.
  • Lure weight - Another important aspect of the inline spinner is its overall weight. For the latest models, you will find the weight in the front of the lure, this makes the overall lure more balanced and easier to cast for beginners. It also enables anglers to experiment with different water depths on their fishing spots. Please note that the weight used in these kinds of lures can vary. If you decide to use them on your regular fishing spot, it is always beneficial to evaluate the weight before you use a specific lure.
  • Reeling time - The time in which you can retrieve your lure is important, especially if you are looking to catch a specific kind of fish. While most anglers believe the fastest speed is always the best one, this is not always the case. Factors such as movement inside the water, depth, and their relation to reeling speed. Of course, reeling time is not just subject to the type of lure you are using. It is also subject to your fishing rod, surrounding conditions, and your overall skills as an angler. Therefore, there is little point in obtaining the fastest rod and lure if you do not have the skills to match that speed.

Inline Spinners Available At Anaconda

When you need a good selection of inline spinners to choose from, you are certainly in the right place at Anaconda. We have a beautiful range of colourful spinners with different weights and designs, so you can always find an inline spinner that meets your requirements and your favourite fishing spot. In addition to inline spinner lures, you can find a variety of other quality fishing lures in our catalogue. This includes soft plastics, hard body lures, spinnerbaits, swimbait lures and much much more You can also count on us for a variety of fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing storage providing you everything you need for your upcoming fishing trip. Shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click and collect for your order. Alternatively, visit an Anaconda store near you to talk to our passionate fishing experts and see the range in person!



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