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Make sure you protect your legs and trousers with gaiters from Anaconda during your hike or trek. Browse our range of women's gaiters from Anaconda today!

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Can I purchase womens gaiters at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks a number of different options, including ankle gaiters, lightweight gaiters and heavy duty gaiters, so you can choose the right solution depending on the time of year, the terrain and your personal preference when choosing gaiters. Gaiters can protect your lower legs from snow, mud, rain, scratches, stinging nettles and in some cases even bites, so they are worth considering if you are planning off-road walking, hiking, cycling or trekking, or winter sports.

What are the benefits of wearing gaiters?

Here are some of the main reasons why people wear gaiters:

  • easy to put on no matter where you are
  • keeps dirt and stones out of your walking boots
  • offers extra protection when walking through small streams
  • prevents shins from getting scraped when climbing mountains
  • offers protection against stinging nettles, rose thorns and blackberry thorns
  • prevents mosquito and blackfly bites - especially if wearing shorts
  • prevents deep snow from entering the top of your walking boots
  • helps to keep boot laces from freezing and over trousers from freezing to your boots
  • wearing lighter boots with gaiter protection, rather than wearing 'heavy' boots
  • stops brambles and heather from damaging your boots and trousers
  • heavy canvas gaiters may offer extra protection against snake bites in long grass
  • water will 'bead' and roll off gaiters, rather than seeping into your trousers

What should I consider when choosing gaiters?

There are several things to consider when choosing your gaiters, such as:

Height: Gaiters are available in high and low varieties. The high ones tend to come up to the knee, while the low ones are more about protecting your ankle area. The higher one will offer more protection but will be warmer and may be uncomfortable in certain conditions.

Material: Gaiters can come in different types of material, from canvas to nylon and polyester. Although all are strong, there may be differences in how waterproof and/or breathable some materials are compared to others.

Weight: Gaiters can vary in weight, and if you want to keep the weight of your pack down, you should choose the most lightweight option that will still give you the protection you need.

If you have not tried gaiters before, it is definitely worth getting some before your next outdoor adventure, so check out the various options on offer here at Anaconda! Of course you can also find boots, hiking shoes, sandals and all other types of footwear here for all your planned activities.



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