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Find the best in ankle & lower leg protection with women's gaiters at Anaconda. Shop durable, lightweight & waterproof women's gaiters online & in-store.

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Explore The Outdoors In Comfort With Women's Gaiters At Anaconda

Trek, hike, bushwalk or explore the snow with confidence with a pair of quality women's gaiters from Anaconda. Women's gaiters are an essential part of your outdoor gear, protecting your legs from damp, dirt, insects and even snakes. At Anaconda you can find women's gaiters that offer lower leg protection in rough and rocky landscapes, in lightweight and breathable designs.

Explore the outdoors with the right protection provided by women's gaiters. Constructed from durable canvas, with great features like waterproofing and convenient Velcro connectors, the range of women's gaiters at Anaconda includes designs from leaving outdoor brands like Sea to Summit. Discover waterproof women's gaiters and ankle gaiters that fit snugly with all your outdoor gear, for a comfortable and safe experience on every adventure. Shop women's gaiters at Anaconda online and in-store today!

Women's Gaiters FAQs

What to wear with women's gaiters?

Combine your women's gaiters with women's low hiking shoes or women's mid hiking boots for the best in support, comfort and protection for your legs and feet. A pair of purpose-designed, durable women's outdoor & hiking pants will offer additional protection while covering potentially hazardous terrain.

What are the benefits of women's gaiters?

Australian hikers and campers understand the importance of wearing gaiters. High-quality women's gaiters protect you from poisonous creepy crawlies while also repelling dirt, dust and water. Here are some of the key benefits women's gaiters can offer:

  • Easy to put on no matter where you are
  • Keeps dirt and stones out of your boots
  • Extra protection when walking through small streams
  • Prevent scrapes when trekking and climbing
  • Protection against stinging nettles, rose thorns and blackberry thorns
  • Prevent mosquito and bug bites
  • Protection against snake bites
  • Water will 'bead' and roll off gaiters, rather than seeping into your trousers

What to consider when choosing women's gaiters?

  • Height: Women's leg gaiters are available in high and low varieties. The high ones tend to come up to the knee, while the low ones are more about protecting your ankle area. The higher one will offer more protection but will be warmer and may be uncomfortable in certain conditions.
  • Material: Women's gaiters can come in a range of different material types, from canvas to nylon and polyester. Although all are strong, there may be differences in how waterproof and/or breathable some materials are compared to others.
  • Weight: Women's gaiters can vary in weight, and if you want to keep the weight of your pack down, you should choose the most lightweight option that will still give you the protection you need.

Shop Women's Gaiters & Outdoor Footwear At Anaconda

At Anaconda, we understand the importance of quality outdoor footwear and apparel for your protection, safety and comfort. Discover a huge range of women's gaiters and women's footwear online or at your local Anaconda store. Make your purchases online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your order. Featuring durable and weather-resistant materials, our women's gaiters and hiking boots are designed for all-day trekking comfort. Complete your hiking set up with a great range of hiking packs, day packs and hydration packs. Anaconda Adventure Club members benefit from exclusive Club price discounts so sign up today for quality outdoor gear at the best prices.



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