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Discover The Range Of Comfortable & Durable Beach Chairs & Loungers At Anaconda

Get the most out of your next outdoor adventure with our incredible range of high-quality beach chairs and loungers, designed to elevate your camping and beach-going experiences to new heights of comfort and convenience. Our fantastic range of beach chairs and loungers are made from quality materials such as polyester and powder-coated steel to make sure that they are incredibly comfortable, durable and strong enough to handle the harsh climate of the Australian outdoors.

The fantastic range of beach chairs and beach loungers at Anaconda is not only functional but also a stylish statement that complements your beach vibe, featuring big-name brands such as Life, Dune and Oztrail. Available in a range of different colours and styles, make sure you have the most comfortable spot at the beach or pool by exploring our entire range of beach chairs, pool chairs and loungers at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Beach Chairs & Loungers FAQs

What is a beach chair?

A beach chair is simply a chair or a lounger that features a folding frame and a back and seat that is made out of canvas such as polyester. Beach loungers and chairs are most commonly used at the beach, at pools or in backyards as extra comfortable seating.

Are camping chairs OK for the beach?

The simple answer to whether it is okay to use camping chairs at the beach is yes - however, you will find it difficult to keep your camping chair stable and staying upright. Beach chairs are specially designed to keep their stability on soft and unstable ground, so it is always best to use a beach chair at the beach instead.

Do you need a lounger at the beach?

Unless you enjoy getting sand everywhere, then yes, you will need a lounger at the beach. A beach lounger will provide you with an incredibly comfortable seat where you can kick back and relax when at the beach without having to settle for sitting on the sand and getting it everywhere when it comes time to stand up.

What material is best for a pool chair?

A pool chair needs to be not only lightweight but also strong as well, which is why the best material for a pool chair is typically aluminium and powder-coated steel. These materials are also outdoor-friendly, meaning that they won't degrade quickly due to long exposure to UV rays.

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