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Bring your baby or toddler along for the ride with our baby bike seats and bike trailers. Rest easy knowing your little ones are safe and secure on every bike ride with the range at Anaconda.

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How to choose a baby bike seat or bike trailer

There are many things to consider when deciding on the best bike seat or bike trailer for you and your child, such as bike compatibility, wheel size, weight limit, and safety features - not to mention how far you'll be riding and on what type of terrain.

First off, you'll need to establish whether your child is ready to accompany you on your rides. For most bike seats, the recommended age is one to four years old- however, some centre seats can be used for kids as young as six months. The key thing to consider is whether your child's neck muscles are developed enough to wear a helmet as well as cope with the bumps on the road.

When it comes to bike trailers or trailer cycles, it's recommended your child is at least three years old. Bike trailers are a great solution for kids who are getting a bit old for sitting in a bike seat but aren't quite ready to keep up for longer rides on their own steam. Bike trailers let your child get involved (and even help out with the pedalling) while you take care of the steering and much of the grunt work. They're versatile and easy to use - just bear in mind that it can take time to adjust to the extra length and weight at first.

What other bike essentials do I need to know about?

If you're taking your baby or small child along on your bike rides, safety is going to be one of your primary concerns. Our range of bike safety and protection gear includes bike helmets for children and adults as well as bike lights and more, so you'll be able to rest easy knowing they're safe as they join you on your cycling adventures.

Why not check out our spare parts and repair range and bike storage options to help ensure your bike and accessories are in great condition for many years to come.

Find the Right Baby Bike Seats and Bike Trailers at Anaconda

No matter what kind of baby bike seats or bike trailer you're after, you'll find some great options at Anaconda. If you're not sure what bike is best for you and your kids, take a look at our Bikes Buying Guide, or if you need help with helmets or accessories, our Cycling Essentials Buying Guide has all the information you'll need.

To see the range in person or chat with one of our friendly team members, take a look at our store finder to find a store near you.



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