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These handy bike baby carriers will allow you to bring babies and toddlers on your next bike ride. Explore bike accessories and more at Anaconda today.

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Can I purchase baby seats, child carriers and trailers at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Useful for everyday use as well as day trips and holidays, these handy child seats, carriers and trailers will allow you to bring babies and toddlers on your next bike ride to the shops or through the countryside.

Why should I purchase a baby or child seat for my bicycle?

If you want to take advantage of the fresh air and health benefits that riding a bike can bring you, these seats are ideal if you have little ones to take along. Although kids will be keen to start riding scooters, tricycles and bikes as soon as they can, they will often not be able to cover longer distances, or the road conditions may not be suitable. In those cases, a child or baby seat is ideal.

What is the difference between a baby seat and a child seat for a bike?

Baby seats generally have more support for the head, as babies are not able to sit upright in the same way as toddlers can. Good baby and child seats and carriers will include soft padding, quick release safety harnesses and a solid but still lightweight construction. Most are easy to assemble and can be quickly removed when you want to use the bike without the baby or child coming along.

Where is the seat positioned?

There are various options when it comes to mounting your baby or child seat on the bicycle. Some people prefer to have a child or baby seat that is positioned behind the saddle on the bicycle, whilst others prefer a seat mounted in front of the saddle so they can keep an eye on the little one during the ride. Check individual products for information on the various mounting requirements.

What else is included in the range?

For the ultimate in comfort and protection from the elements, you can also buy a child trailer that can be easily and quickly clipped to most bicycles. Suitable for transporting one or two children, the large wheels offer a less bumpy ride and the transparent, adjustable cover means they can still see the surroundings but can also be protected from sun, rain or wind if needed. Great for camping holidays and day trips through the countryside, the trailer folds up for easy storage when not in use.



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