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Watersports are extremely popular all around Australia. The interest includes kayaking, canoeing and paddling in whitewater and calm water environments. The best kayak paddles, canoe paddles, wing paddles and long distance paddles are all on show at Anaconda, in-store or online. The Anaconda paddle Australia collection includes fibreglass kayak paddles, sit-on-top kayak paddles, carbon fibre paddles, surf ski paddles and paddle accessories for all types of water sports.


Paddle sports in Australia can be professional or leisure activities, and Anaconda has the answers for all styles. Whether you enjoy surf ski action, water sports with wetsuits, long distance canoeing, whitewater rafting, kayak camping or other watersports, make sure to invest in high quality paddling gear.


Kayak paddles have blades on either side of the shaft, which allows you to more efficiently paddle from side to side whether you're going straight or making turns. Double bladed paddles are more effective in kayaks because it sits closer to the water and are usually narrower than other types of boats or watercraft. Because of the dimensions of a kayak, you can easily switch from side to side using a double-bladed paddle which lets you propel yourself in any direction with minimal effort.

One of the first things to consider when picking a kayak paddle is the length of the shaft. Young kids need to use shorter kayak paddles, while taller adults require longer paddles. Using a kayak paddle that's too short makes getting the blades past the waterline too difficult, while paddles that are too long will be too unwieldy and cause the kayak to zigzag across the water.

The materials used also have a huge impact on the paddle's performance and price. If you want the lightest and strongest kayak paddle, choose one that's made out of carbon fibre. These of course are the most expensive options. A more affordable option, which is great for long distance touring, are paddles that use fibreglass shafts and nylon blades. The cheapest types of kayak paddles use aluminium shafts and nylon blades. These are ideal for recreational use because of its excellent durability and are easily serviceable.


Stand Up Paddleboard paddles have only one blade on one end and a T-grip on the other. When you're on a Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP you're paddling from a much higher position compared to sitting in a kayak. The grip allows you to apply much more force through the stroke as you push the paddle down and backwards with your upper body.

The materials used for SUP paddles can also range from aluminium and plastic, fibreglass to full carbon fibre. Most SUP paddle shafts are adjustable in length so it can be easily adapted for people of different heights.


Oars are used for rowboats and skiffs which are typically much larger and wider than kayaks or canoes. Oars have only one blade and don't have T-grip handles like in SUP paddles.

Oars are attached to opposite sides of the boat and are rowed simultaneously using the attachment points as pivot points. Larger boats that can hold more than one person typically have attachment points for more than one pair of oars, so that multiple people can propel the boat forward.

Anaconda sells boat oars that have telescopic shafts for easier storage and transport. The oars that we carry are sold in pairs and float in the water when fully assembled to make them easy to recover if it falls overboard.



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