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Illuminate Your Path With Headlamps From Anaconda

Mountaineers, orienteers, trekkers and cavers all appreciate the advantages of ultra-light and waterproof rechargeable headlamps. At Anaconda you can discover LED headlamps and camping headlamps with a range of functions, capabilities, brightnesses and operating modes. Whether you're cosy in your tent reading a book at night or exploring a rocky cave, a headlamp can add safety and convenience to a range of activities.

Discover A Range Of Handy Uses For Headlamps

Headlamps are an essential camping safety accessory. Without adequate illumination, it can be a dangerous business - think snakes and spiders, and the hazards of unfamiliar surroundings like cliffs or rocky terrain! Camping aside, there are heaps of other ways the hands-free lighting from a headlamp can benefit you in a range of activities and tasks:

  1. Caving: Get the most from your caving experience with a headlamp that boasts a long battery life.
  2. Working on a motorcycle or car: A lightweight headlamp will shine a light directly where required for precision mechanical work at any time of day or night.
  3. Home Repairs: Make it easy to repair pipes and cables by lighting up small spaces such as under sinks or in the roof cavity.
  4. Cycling or Trail Running: Stay on the beaten path with confidence when cycling or running at night.
  5. Fishing & Sailing: Bait a hook with ease or make repairs in unforgiving conditions with the brightness of a headlamp.

Headlamps FAQ

What are lumens?

Lumens is the measure of brightness visible to the human eye from a lamp, bulb, or other light source. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light will be. Anaconda's headlamps will each have a measure of lumens so you can determine the right headlamp for your needs. As a guide, 300 lumens is suitable for reading at night and offers similar brightness to a table or floor lamp. 1000 lumens on the other hand is quite bright and could reach a distance of 200 metres or more (depending on the lens and reflector design).

What is the red light for on headlamps?

The red light setting is an important feature on headlamps, particularly if you're camping or doing outdoor activities at night time. It's intended so you can preserve your night vision (and that of others in your group) while still providing enough light so you can see. If there is a flashing red light mode, this is intended to be used as a distress signal in emergencies.

What are the flood and spot modes used for on headlamps?

Other common lighting modes found on headlamps are "flood" and "spot". Flood lighting is essentially wide-angle lighting, and is good for seeing your immediate surroundings. It's perfect for activities like a nighttime bushwalk, where it's not as important to see things in the distance. On the other hand, spotlighting is ideal when you need to see a focused area far ahead, such as when horse riding or cycling.

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