Don't get caught out when the dark night falls with our extensive range of camping lights at Anaconda. Visit our range of camping lights and lamps at Anaconda.

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Can I purchase lights for my camping and hiking trips at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks a large range of camping and hiking lights including strip lights, vehicle lights, lanterns, torches, headlamps and clip on lights, for a variety of uses on your camping and hiking trip, or in outdoor areas around the home. Lamps from brand leaders such as Dune, Tactical and Spinifex are available as well as many other quality brands. Lights also include combinations with fans as well as a special insect repellent light.

How do the lights purchased at Anaconda operate?

Here, you can choose from a variety of lighting with different power sources, depending on your location and the type of lighting required. Some of our lights can be run off electric or generators, other can be plugged into your vehicle. Solar, gas, battery-powered, rechargeable and simple wind-up lighting options are also included. Don't forget that we also stock the batteries, chargers and gas bottles needed for our lighting solutions.

Which lights do you recommend?

Because of the many styles of lights we stock, it would be impossible to pick out just one or two. The best thing to consider is what you require from your lighting. Is it functional, such as safety lighting, searchlights, emergency lighting etc.? Or are you looking for lighting inside your tent, light to read by without disturbing others, or lanterns to illuminate your campsite area? This will narrow down the type of lighting you can choose from. Then look at the power options that will be available to you at your planned location, and the time that you need the lights to be available for - will you require your lights for short period of time, or will they need to stay on for several hours at a time?

Does Anaconda stock lightweight lights for hiking trips?

Yes, handy lights such as the Denali Clip On Area Light can be easily packed in a backpack and can light your way or be hung from a pole or branch to light an area around your campsite, It can also be clipped to a belt or backpack to keep your hands free. For hot and humid conditions, you can consider the Dorcy 3AA COB LED Mini Fan Light which runs of just a couple of batteries and can keep you cool as well as light the inside of your tent when required.

Are waterproof lights included?

Yes, lights such as our Seak Kayak Deck Light are ideal for night-time expeditions, and with its suction cup mounting and waterproof properties up to 25 metres, it can be perfect for boating, fishing, kayaking and other water-based adventures. Other waterproof and splash-proof lights are also available in the range, as is a special water-activated emergency light.

Browse the whole camp lighting range at Anaconda to find the lighting solutions for your next 4WD, camping, hiking or other outdoor trips.



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