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Women's Running & Sports Shoes

Women's Running & Sports Shoes

If you're serious about running, you will want to get some of these running shoes for women from Anaconda. With shoes specially designed to protect your feet, cushion the shock of hard surfaces, provide extra grip on wet or slippery terrain, offer breathability or protection against water, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your perfect running shoes.

Our range of running shoes includes everyday basics as well as well-known brands, and sizes run from 5 to 13 including a number of half sizes.

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Can I purchase womens running shoes at Anaconda?

Yes, explore our large collection of womens shoes to find shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, protect your feet and make you want to run longer and further! Our running shoes include many different styles and colours and you can choose from big name brands or practical basics depending on your style and budget. We have entry-level models for beginners or occasional runners, as well as models for serious athletes.

What should I look for when buying womens running shoes?

Here are some expert tips on what is important when choosing your ideal running shoes:

1. Heel - Your heel should fit snug, but not tight. Lacing your shoes up through the final eyelet will minimise slippage. There will be some heel movement, but it shouldn't be uncomfortable. If they don’t feel right at the start, don’t expect things to get better once you hit the road.

2. Instep – The upper part of your shoe should feel snug and secure around your instep. If you feel pressure and tightness, it means that you need more space. Sometimes, lacing your shoe up differently can deal with hot spots or pressure.

3. Width - Your foot should be able to move side-to-side in the shoe's forefoot without crossing over the edge of the insole, and you should be able to pinch a little upper material along the widest part of your foot.

4. Length - Feet swell and lengthen over a run, so make sure there is about a finger width of space between your longest toe (which isn't always the big toe) and the end of a shoe. Your toes should also be able to wiggle freely up and down.

5. Flex - Check the flex point of running shoes by holding the heel and pressing the tip of the shoe into the floor. The shoe should bend and crease along the same line your foot flexes. A poorly aligned flex point can cause arch pain, while a lack of flexibility can lead to a calf strain.

What types of running shoes are included in the selection at Anaconda?

Here at Anaconda, we know that our customers go running in a variety of environments, so our wide range of options in designed to make sure you can find the right shoes for every type of surface. The weight of shoe, profile, cushioning, even colour can have an influence on your choice of shoes depending on whether you are planning to run indoors or outside, at a Gym, on the road, off road or up and down hills.

Until you know which style of running shoes is best for you, make sure you don’t overdo running in new shoes as this can cause all types of injuries and discomfort. Build up your runs gradually over time until you are confident that you can tackle a long run without incident.

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