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Running is fun and good for your health, providing you are using the right running shoes for the terrain. Fortunately, you can count on a large range of women's running shoes from Anaconda, which are equipped with superior comfort and stability technologies. You can find a great range of regular running shoes for the road and specific trail running shoes right here. Featuring popular brands such as Adidas, Asics, Merrel and The North Face - shop at Anaconda for amazing value and variety. Depending on the intended activity, you can find the right women's running shoes right here. If you love a good run along the pavement or a session on the treadmill, choose a reliable pair of running shoes that will support your feet. If you are going on an off-road trail run, mountain run or adventure racing, ensure you choose trail shoes that will adequately protect your feet.

Running Shoes FAQs

How Do Trail Running Shoes Differ From Regular Running Shoes?

Trail running shoes are specifically designed for running on rugged and uneven surfaces whereas regular running shoes are designed for smoother concrete surfaces.

What to consider when shopping for women's trail running shoes?

There are several features to consider including:

  • Outsole: Trail running shoes have particularly deep tread patterns to help with grip on uneven surfaces. You can confidently navigate mud, dirt, rocks, roots and gravel with the right trail shoes for women.
  • Midsole: The midsole of women's trail shoes should be cushioning and provide protection to the feet.
  • Upper material: Ideal trail shoes have a breathable yet durable upper to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Toe protection: Toe caps or bumpers are great features to look out for to prevent toe stubbing and toe injuries.
  • Water resistance: Look for waterproof or water-resistant options to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Features such as Gore-Tex waterproofing are great for wet conditions and maximum protection against outside moisture.
  • Weight: Trail shoes can be slightly heavier than traditional running shoes because of extra protective features but are still light and easy to wear.

What is a structured running shoe?

A structured running shoe is another word for injury prevention shoe. As the name suggests, is it specifically designed for runners who tend to get injuries because of their low foot arches. To prevent injuries caused by the foot arches, runners need a shoe that provides more cushioning and support in the middle of the shoe. If you often encounter problems with the arches of your feet after a run, it may be worth trying a run in a pair of structured running shoes.

When should I replace my current running shoes?

Many running shoes are made from strong stuff, so it can be a little confusing to determine when you should replace your current running shoes. Most runners should replace their running shoes every six months, this applies to people who run regularly. Runners must also consider that certain running shoes will have a kilometre lifespan, this means you will have to replace them once you have run a certain number of kilometres in them. Of course, the rules for replacing your running shoes are sometimes unclear. For example, you may have purchased some cheaper running shoes that start to feel uncomfortable after three months. If this is the case, you may have to replace your running shoes earlier.

What is the most important property of the outsole?

The outsole of a running shoe should provide plenty of durability and traction. However, the outsole should not add any additional weight to the foot. When looking at an outsole, it also helps to choose an outsole that matches the shape of your foot, this ensures superior comfort and less chance of slipping in the shoe while you are going for a run.

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Find the right runners for your needs today at Anaconda. Ensure you're comfortable going for longer distances across any terrain with reliable running shoes for women. Ensure you refer to the size guides to ensure you have the right size trail running shoes. Anaconda is your one-stop adventure retailer, being the destination for all your equipment needs, this includes amazing value women's outdoor footwear and women's outdoor clothing to accompany you on any adventure. For more tips and inspiration, check out the Anaconda Adventure Centre today and discover great articles such as The Best Tracks For Trail Running In Melbourne and Where To Find The Best Hiking Trails & Walks In Sydney. Shop online at Anaconda to enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click collect, alternatively, find your nearest store to see the range in person!



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