Choosing The Right Running Shoes For Maximum Performance

Anyone who is not an athlete will not notice the difference between various types of running shoes. However, an athlete who runs on a regular basis will notice the wrong pair of shoes quite quickly. Therefore, choosing the right running shoes for the job is certainly recommended. But how do you choose the right running shoes to maximise performance? Read some of the top tips from Anaconda below to find out!

Does The Surface I Am Running On Matter?

While this is not always something that is taken into consideration, the surface you are running on can influence the functioning of certain types of running shoes. For example, if you intend to run on a paved street, you will need running shoes with more cushioning. Therefore, lightweight running shoes are not always the best choice because more cushioning is required.

Of course, not everyone runs on the road. Some people prefer to take their running trail off-road. If you intend on running on a rail, it is best to choose a pair of running shoes that has superior ankle support and good grip on the bottom. Naturally, these features will ensure better performance in this kind of environment.

Some runners can run on the road as well as on a trail. If this is the case, you might benefit from a shoe that provides all these features. Of course, the problems with such a shoe is that they will not perform as well as the dedicated type of shoe for the road or a trail. So, if maximum performance is extremely important, it is recommended to have a pair of running shoes for each type of surface.

Do My Socks Matter When I Select Running Shoes?

Since running socks can come in various sizes and thicknesses, they can matter when it comes down to the fit of your running shoes. They can also influence how your feet fit into the running shoes, so the socks you use for running must be considered during the selection process.

Before you select your running shoes, you should already have your running socks selected. There are dedicated socks for running as well, which have little influence on the fit of a running shoe. However, they do provide more support for the arch of your feet and some additional cushioning for the ball of your foot. So, it is certainly a good idea to look into these socks.

Even though most socks could be used for running, it is advised to stay away from 100% cotton socks. The problem with cotton is that the material retains moisture. As such, your feet can get wet when running for some considerable time. It can also cause friction, which in turn causes hot spots and even calluses. So, a sock made from a material that does not hold onto moisture will be ideal.

Does Running Distance Matter When Selecting Running Shoes?

The environment you will be running in matters during the selection of your running shoes, but so does the running distance. Longer distances usually require more cushioning in the running shoe, while shorter distances do not necessarily need this. If you do short sprints for example, you will perform better with a flexible shoe.

Branded Running Shoes

Many runners wonder if a pair of branded running shoes are better. The answer is not necessarily, it all depends on what you are looking for. Naturally, running shoes are all about their functioning and the features they provide. Therefore, you should not always look at the big brands from the start. Always look at details such as additional cushioning, support, and any technology that has been included by the manufacturers of the shoe, this will help you greatly.

The best pair of running shoes will provide three basic qualities, these are durability, support, and flexibility. After reading the product description of a pair of running shoes, you can evaluate if that pair of shoes meets those criteria for you.

Anaconda provides a large range of running shoes for athletes. We have running shoes from well-known brands such as Adidas, which are equipped with the latest technologies and features that will make your running experience better.



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