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Common Questions About Your Running Shoes Answered!

Running is fun and good for your health, providing you are using the right shoes. Fortunately, you can count on a large range of running shoes from Anaconda, which are equipped with superior comfort and stability technologies. Of course, finding the right shoes always requires a little extra knowledge. So, why not read through our overview of common questions about running shoes below?

What Is A Structured Running Shoe?

A structured running shoe is another word for injury prevention shoe. As the name suggests, is it specifically designed for runners who tend to get injuries because of their low foot arches.

To prevent injuries caused by the foot arches, runners need a shoe that provide more cushioning and support in the middle of the shoe. If you often encounter problems with the arches of your feet after a run, it may be worth trying a run in a pair of structured running shoes.

Of course, there is also the neutral running shoe. Neutral running shoes are wonderful for runners that do not have any specific problems with their feet. While these running shoes still have some cushioning and support, it is considerably less compared to structured running shoes. So, if you do find you need some more support or cushioning, a structured running shoe might be better.

Why Is The Size Of My Running Shoe Different Than My Casual Shoe?

Most runners wear the same size running shoe and casual shoe. That being said, there are some rare cases where runners need a bigger size running shoe. When you are running, your toes and foot tend to spread out. So, if you are usually a size ten, but a snug size ten, you might need to go up half a size.

When you are unsure about the size of your running shoes, it is recommended to go to a store and have your size taken. It is also recommended to do this in the late afternoon or evening, as feet tend to swell over the course of the day. So, by taking the measurements in the evening, you will get a much accurate result.

What Is The Foot Strike Of A Running Shoe?

Runners who are shopping for running shoes might hear their fellow runners talk about the foot strike of their running shoes. The foot strike refers to the way your foot hits the surface while you are running. Therefore, you can encounter the heel strike, midfoot strike, and the forefoot strike.

While the foot strike does not seem to matter too much while you first think about the selection of running shoes. However, the foot strike is vital, because it makes certain running shoe designs more suitable for your running pattern than others. For example, if you have a heel strike, you may need more cushioning on the heel of your foot.

When Should I Replace My Current Running Shoes?

Many running shoes are made from strong stuff, so it can be a little confusing to determine when you should replace your current running shoes. Most runners should replace their running shoes every six months, this applies to people who run regularly. Runners must also consider that certain running shoes will have a kilometre lifespan, this means you will have to replace them once you have run a certain number of kilometres in them.

Of course, the rules on replacing your running shoes are sometimes unclear. For example, you may have purchased some cheaper running shoes that start to feel uncomfortable after three months. If this is the case, you may have to replace your running shoes earlier.

What Is The Most Important Property Of The Outsole?

The outsole of a running shoe should provide plenty of durability and traction. However, the outsole should not add any additional weight to the foot. When looking at an outsole, it also helps to choose an outsole that matches the shape of your foot, this ensures superior comfort and less chance of slipping in the shoe while you are going for a run.

Do you still need some running shoes that fit your perfectly and provide you with lots of benefits? Be sure to check out the running shoes catalogue at Anaconda.



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