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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Kayak

Kayaking is not solely a fun hobby for kids, as many adults go kayaking every year. Some even kayak on a weekly basis, which certainly requires the right kind of equipment. Whether you are choosing a kayak for the kids or for yourself, there are always some things to consider. To help you get started, here is our ultimate guide to choosing a kayak.

Do I Choose A Different Kayak For Different Waters?

This is one of the most important things to consider. The kayak you will use on a river will be considerably different than one you will use on the sea. Below, we have written down the main guidelines for each type.

Kayak for the lake - Lakes are generally quite docile in nature. If the lake you intend to use the kayak on enjoys fair weather, you could choose any basic sit-on-top kayak.

Kayak for the ocean - Oceans are trickier, as you need to consider variables such as wind, current, and the rides. A sit-in kayak is recommended for these environments. It is also recommended to have some experience before you head out kayaking on the ocean, as this environment can pose more dangers than any other environment.

Kayak for the river - Rivers can be calm as well as rough, so it all depends on the environment you are going to be kayaking in. For calm rivers, a simple sit-on-top is recommended. If you are heading for some serious waters, the sit-in kayak can provide you with more stability.

What Are The Benefits Of Sit-On-Top Kayaks?

Each type of kayak has its own range of benefits, this also applies to the sit-on-top kayak. One of the its main benefits is its convenience, as they are really easy to get into and out of. So, anyone who heads for a kayaking trip on calm waters tends to prefer this open.

Sit-on-top kayaks can also be the recommended option for kayaking in warmer temperatures, this since you can encounter some splashback from the water, which in turn can keep you cool. They are also relatively lightweight, which means you do not have to drag around a heavy kayak when temperatures are scorching.

In addition to being the recommended option for kayak lovers, the sit-on-top option should also be considered by anglers. These kayaks tend to have some rod holders on top, which could make fishing a little more efficient. If your sit-on-top kayak does not have a rod holder, there is usually a way to add one.

What Are The Benefits Of Sit-In Kayaks?

As mentioned earlier, each type of kayak has its range of benefits. The sit-in kayak also comes with its number of benefits, although they are slightly different than those associated with sit-on-top kayaks.

When you are kayaking in colder temperatures, you undoubtedly want a sit-in kayak. The beauty of this kayak's design is that it can shield you against both wind and water. Even though it does not cover you completely, it does not provide the splashback you could encounter with a sit-on-top.

Another benefit of the sit-on-top is that this kayak allows you to store some items inside and keep them dry. While you can take things with you on a sit-on-top, they usually get wet due to the splashback. When you store items inside a sit-in, you will not encounter this problem.

The sit-in kayak is also more suitable for rougher waters, as your body will contact several points inside the boat, this includes the butt, feet, and the knees. If you need to manoeuvre the boat because of rougher water, these contact points do prove advantageous.

Finally, a sit-in also provides you with more control with the paddle overall. Many kayakers find that the padding motion is enabled more by the sit-in than the sit-on-top, even though this type of kayak is used in more difficult waters.

Shopping For Kayaks And Accessories At Anaconda

Anaconda provides a range of kayaks for both children and adults. We also provide some accompanying accessories that may prove useful. You can also count on us for other water-related activities, this ranges from paddle boards to surf boards. Check out the catalogue today to discover all the options.



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