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When it comes to having a fun and enjoyable camping trip with friends and family, no camping trip is complete without making sure that you have a quality camping fridge or camping cooler. Whether it is for keeping everyone's drinks nice and cold, making sure there is enough room for all the food or keeping your catch fresh until you get home, a camping fridge or cooler is going to make your trip a lot easier and stress-free. From soft coolers to hard coolers and ice boxes, find the right one for you.

Featuring heaps of well-known camping brands such as Coleman, Dune and Oztrail, our fantastic range of camping fridges and camping coolers are available in a wide range of sizes and accessories such as loop latches, fridge slides for your 4WD, ice bricks, wireless thermometers and much more. Whether you need a heavy-duty 73L camping fridge for the family or a small camping cooler for solo adventures, everything you need is right here at Anaconda.

Camping Fridge FAQs

What is the best camping fridge?

When it comes to choosing the best camping fridge, it completely depends on your exact needs. For example, how many people will you be camping with and how much space will you need? Do you have a battery for your camping fridge or is a camping cooler going to be enough? How long will you be camping for?

Camping fridge vs camping cooler

The main difference between a camping fridge and a camping cooler is that a camping fridge is a portable refrigerator and a camping cooler is an insulated box that uses ice bricks to keep the contents inside cool and fresh. Camping coolers are excellent for day trips whereas camping fridges are ideal for those longer outdoor adventures.

Do I really need a camping fridge?

If you want to keep your food and drinks cold without buying all of your food and drinks daily, then yes, you do really need a camping fridge. When you are camping with a large group of people and need to keep food cold for long periods such as meat, vegetables, dairy products and seafood, you are going to need something more powerful than a camping cooler.

What is the best camping cooler?

Again, it depends on what your exact camping needs are. Generally, it will mostly come down to size and how much space you are going to need. When it comes to keeping contents in your camping cooler cold for longer, just make sure you layer it with ice bricks first, then the contents and then finish with a layer of ice right up to the top.

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