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Jigging And Accompanying Lures Explained

New anglers have undoubtedly heard the term "jigging" from the more experienced anglers around them. Naturally, you may be looking for more information on the subject, as jigging is incredibly popular and applicable to a variety of fishing spots. If you wish to learn more about jigging and how it applies to your fishing experience, be sure to read on.

What Is Jigging And How Does It Apply To Fishing?

When an angler refers to jigging, he is basically talking about fishing with a jig lure. The jig lure is a specific kind of fishing lure that contains a sinker, a hook, and a design that is attractive for a variety of fish.

The unique aspect of a jig lure is that is makes a remarkable movement in the water. Jig lures will run vertically through the water and make this unique jerking motion that attracts a great variety of fish. Because of this motion and the overall design of the jig lure, you can use this lure in both saltwater and freshwater.

Since the jig lure has quite the unique movement, it is essential to have the right fishing rod to deal with this lure. You should have a rod that enables a better control over the lure, but also a rod that gives you a clear indication of a catch when it happens.

Please note that the jig lure should only be used to catch fish who are deeper in the water, this includes fish near or close to the bottom. If you want to catch fish who hunt closer to the surface, you will need a different lure.

What Should I Know About The Different Parts Of The Jig Lure?

The jig lure has various components that contribute to the unique dynamic of the lure. Below, we have discussed the most important components in a little more detail and what you should be looking out for when you use these lures.

The head of the jig lure - A jig lure can have a head with a variable design. Most jig lures have a round head, which is considered as the universal shape for this lure. However, there are also varieties such as the cone, and the fish head.

When it comes to the head of the jig lure, you can also encounter different weights. Naturally, the weight will determine how deep the lure goes into the water. The overall weight also determines the lure's suitability for certain types of fish. To ensure you have the right weight for the fish you are trying to catch, always refer to the product description for more detailed info.

The body of the jig lure - When you have taken a quick look at our range of jig lures, you have probably noticed the body of the jig lure can have many different designs. They can even be made of different materials, this ranges from rubber to silicone.

Most jig lures will resemble other animals or insects, this is what attracts certain predatory fish to the lure in the first place. The colours can vary considerably and there can be some additional hairs or tails on the body.

When it comes to the overall design of the body of the lure, you have a lot of freedom. That being said, it is important to remember that certain colours can work better in summer or winter. Therefore, having a variety of jig lures in different colours and with different designs provides you with a lot more freedom for your various fishing spots.

The Jig Lures Available At Anaconda

Anaconda has a stunning range of jig lures that cannot be ignored! Even though we offer our jig lures at the most affordable prices, this does not mean you cannot get the best lures from our range.

Our range of jig lures also comes with and without tails. Of course, this gives you access to different options for a variety of fishing locations. Ideally, you need at least one with a tail and at least one without a tail for your collection.

Curious to see what you will catch? Make sure to benefit from our amazing collection of lures at the sharpest prices today!



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