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Keep warm and protected with our extensive range of women's thermals available at Anaconda. Explore the perfect thermals for your style and visit us today.

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Can I purchase womens thermals at Anaconda?

Yes, the range of womens thermals at Anaconda provides great protection from the elements, and is suitable to be worn as part of a layering system, combined with our jackets and outerwear or snow apparel in all types of weather. It includes tops, shirts and pants in a range of colours and in sizes from 2XS up to 3XL. Because it is thin and flexible, thermal wear is ideal as an extra layer without getting too bulky to be uncomfortable when walking, playing sports, skiing or skating.

What are the benefits of wearing thermals?

Thermal garments help protect the body from extreme temperatures by trapping a layer of warmth against the skin, which helps to keep your core temperature stable. Thermal garments also wick moisture away from the skin, to keep you comfortable if you sweat through exertion, such as when skiing. Thermal wear is thin and flexible and can easily be worn under other garments. For best results, choose a close-fitting size that does not allow cold air in at the neck, or at the wrists or ankles. Thermal garments offer 4-way stretch allowing you to be active without restricting your movements.

What types of thermal wear are available at Anaconda?

Thermal wear no longer has to be worn as underwear, as these days it is designed to be seen, and is available in a range of colours including grey, hot pink, blue, green and black. So, if you want to wear your thermal top under an outer jacket you can safely strip off to your thermals once you get indoors! Choose from close fitting tops with a plain neckline, or for even more protection choose zipped tops that cover the neck area as well.

How do I care for thermals?

To keep your thermals clean and make sure they have a good lifespan, always check the laundry label for instructions. Generally, thermal wear should be washed at low temperatures, and dried naturally. Do not tumble dry or iron thermal garments, and make sure they are completely dry before storing them away. If you follow these guidelines, you should have the benefit of your thermal garments for many seasons.

Does Anaconda stock thermals for men and kids too?

Yes, men and kids thermal wear are included at Anaconda, so you can make sure the whole family is kitted out properly before going on your winter holiday. Thermal wear is also useful for cold journeys to school or work, and can be used for playing sports in cold conditions. Anaconda also stock a range of other useful items including thermal socks, as well as warm scarves, hats and gloves to complete your winter outfit. You can find snow boots and waterproof boots in our separate footwear range too.



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