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Make sure you're layered with the right women's thermal tops & thermal leggings. Discover women's merino thermals & polypro thermals for warmth when outdoors.

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Shop Warm and Comfortable Women's Thermals at Anaconda

Thermals are a must-have for cold seasons and travelling to chilly climates. The main purpose of women's thermals is to keep you warm when it's cold, but there are also many other benefits to wearing thermals. Merino wool thermals have antimicrobial properties, making them resistant to odours and ensuring you won't stink at the end of the day, and have moisture-wicking abilities to keep you dry when sweating. They're also stretchy, allowing you to comfortably move without feeling restricted from a tight fit. At Anaconda, you can find women's thermal tops and women's thermal pants which are perfect for everyday wear, travelling and snow sports. Read more below about the benefits of thermals and why you need them.

Women's Thermal Clothing FAQs

What thermal weight and material should I choose?

When it comes to choosing the right women's thermal clothing, weight and material are important. There are various materials used for an incredibly comfortable feel and to keep you warm, such as cotton, silk, wool and synthetic fabrics. For example, our lightweight Mountain Designs Women's Merino Long Sleeve Thermal Top is made from 100% Australian Merino wool. It wicks away moisture to keep you dry, is incredibly soft to keep you comfortable, and provides excellent insulation to keep you warm.

How should thermals fit?

Because thermal clothing acts as a second skin of insulated layers between your body and the material, it needs to have a nice and snug fit. This tight fit traps the heat that is generated by your body and keeps you warm. If you wear loose-fitting thermals during cold weather, rather than evenly distributing heat evenly throughout your body, it will instead create hot pockets - resulting in feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.

Are polypro thermals warm?

Yes, polypro thermals are constructed from a specialised polypropylene fabric which is designed to be moisture wicking, lightweight, quick-drying, moisture repellent, hard-wearing, stain resistant and all for a great value price!

What Else Can I Find In The Women's Clothing Range At Anaconda?

Apart from our women's thermal clothing, we also have a huge range of women's outdoor clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months. Whether you're camping, hiking, fishing or just wanting to stay warm, you'll find what you need at Anaconda.

  • Women's fleece jumpers and jackets: Fleece is the perfect mid-layer for cold weather and fits well over thermals.
  • Women's puffer jackets: Choose a super warm and light outer layer from the range of puffer jackets from leading brands.
  • Women's waterproof jackets and raincoats: Make sure you stay dry when it starts bucketing down with our great range of women's waterproof jackets and raincoats. Perfect for combatting torrential rain and strong winds, they'll keep you protected from the harsh elements.

Find The Right Women's Thermal Clothing At Anaconda

The last thing you want when camping or hiking is damp, overly hot clothes that are uncomfortable. Browse our huge range of women's thermal clothing at Anaconda to ensure you stay warm, dry, comfortable and looking stylish! Shop our entire range of women's thermal clothing online or visit us in-store today. Visit the Adventure Centre for great advice and tips on staying warm and comfy for every season. Also, check out the Base Layer Clothing Buying Guide for everything you need to know to choose the best base layers and thermals!



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