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The Anaconda Buying Guide For Casual Men's Shoes

Since you will be wearing them often, you should always consider your next pair of casual shoes carefully. But how do you best choose your next pair of casual men's shoes? Read our detailed guide below to find out!

What Is Considered As A Casual Shoe?

A casual shoe is a shoe that can be worn every day. Therefore, it differs from the formal shoe, which is usually worn for formal occasions. That being said, certain casual shoes can have a smart appearance, so there are instances where they can be used for a formal event. Nevertheless, the casual shoe should always be a shoe you can wear for your daily activities.

What Are The Different Types Of Casual Shoes?

There are a variety of shoes that could be considered as a casual shoe. Below, we have listed some of the most popular options and their unique characteristics.

Derby shoes - A derby shoe is characterised by its open lacing section. The shoes also have eyelet facings on top. While it is not a formal shoe, it can be worn for business purposes.

Brogue shoes - The brogue may look formal upon first glance, it is most certainly a casual shoe. It is characterised by a low heel and made from a strong leather. Brogue shoes also have decorative perforations all over the leather material, which provides the shoe with quite the unique pattern.

Sandals - These shoes are considered among the most casual designs. They are popular for a stroll on the beach, but nowadays they are acceptable as casual footwear during warmer temperatures. Naturally, sandals are characterised by their open toes.

The athletic shoe - Athletic shoes are usually made from a manmade material, this may include polyester. They also include a mesh, this ensures the shoes remain breathable during exercise.

The loafer - Loafers could be described as slippers, as they have a similar look. However, they are suitable as casual footwear, as they can be slipped on and off quite easily and are made from materials such as suede. In some cases, they can be combined with a formal suit.

The work boot - Another common casual shoe is the work boot. As the name suggests, this type of shoe is often worn for work, as it consists of a thick rubber sole and durable leather. However, actual work boots may contain a steel tip to protect the toes against heavy objects.

What Materials Are Used For Casual Shoes?

Much like the different types of shoes, different materials can be implemented. Below, we have described the most common materials and their applications.

Leather - Even though leather is commonly used in formal shoes, the material does find applications in casual shoes. If you want to keep your leather shoes casual, it is important to avoid any leather with a high gloss finish. Instead, you should choose leather such as suede, which has a much more casual appearance.

Canvas - This material finds a lot of applications in shoes such as espadrilles and skate shoes. Cloth shoes can be quite breathable, so they are very popular during the summer. However, cloth does not protect as well against the cold, so they are not recommended during colder temperatures.

Synthetic materials - Synthetic fabrics are counted among some of the most popular materials for shoes. They find applications in athletic shoes, but also work boots and other common casual footwear.

Synthetic materials have numerous benefits for casual footwear. The material tends to be durable, but also shields the wearer against colder temperatures. Therefore, this is a great material for shoes that are worn throughout the year.

Shopping For Casual Shoes At Anaconda

Anaconda has a lovely range of casual shoes, this includes anything from sandals to boots and moccasins. Our range caters to every man's preference and offers designer shoes for 10% less compared to other stores!

In addition to a range of casual shoes, Anaconda also provides suitable footwear and accompanying accessories for hiking. If you are planning a trip that involves a lot of walking, be sure to check out our range of hiking footwear too. With amazing prices and deals to take advantage of, you are bound to find something you like.



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