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Whether it is mud or sand, our range of quality 4WD recovery tracks are the best recovery tools on your 4WD trip. Shop 4WD recovery boards at Anaconda now.

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Discover The Best 4WD Recovery Tracks At Anaconda

Recovery tracks are very simple to use and essential once a 4x4 becomes stuck and a winch can't be used. Recovery tracks are known by many names including recovery boards, sand tracks, bog mats, traction boards, bridging ladders and traction ladders, and they all work by giving you something to shove under stuck wheels for providing extra traction. By introducing a firmer driving surface, you can hopefully free your 4WD from its dilemma. Some 4WD recovery tracks are designed for sand, while others work as bridging ladders or to fill large holes in the track so your vehicle has something to drive over. There are various types of recovery boards available, with some stored under the seat, while others are stored on roof racks.

Do I Need Other Equipment With Recovery Tracks?

You will make your life a lot easier if you bring a shovel along for the ride. In order to gain maximum traction under your 4x4 tyres, it's usually best to dig in front of the tyre so the recovery track can be wedged in as tightly as possible. In the event you forget your shovel, don't fret - some recovery tracks available from Anaconda have built-in hand grips and a shovel-shaped nose designed for digging. Recovery boards are strong and will bounce back into shape if bent. However, in getting your 4WD un-bogged, you may be left with recovery boards that are now sucked into the mud. Instead of using brute force to free your tracks while grappling in the mud, simply loop or clip some rope around the recovery board handle and pull it out or use your vehicle if necessary. For more information, head over to our Off-Road Towing & Recovery Buying Guide.

How To Choose The Right Recovery Board?

The easiest way to choose the right recovery board is to do your research and speak with the experts at Anaconda (or by checking out our 4WD Recovery Tracks Buying Guide). Our superior recovery boards are from dedicated 4WD equipment specialists and are endorsed by experts. Brands include Dune 4WD, TRED and MAXTRAX, showcasing Australian-made quality for Australian driving conditions. The length of your 4WD, storage options and tyre tread type will influence purchasing decisions, so here are a few options that are available from Anaconda:

Elevate Your Offroad Adventure With Dune 4WD Recovery Tracks

Less than one metre long and purchased as a pair, Dune 4WD recovery tracks are handy to stow away and easy to use. They are equally useful for drivers of conventional vehicles who are just as likely to become stuck on a road verge, poorly maintained track or boggy ground. Features include:

  • Can be used as a pair
  • Suitable for use in sand, mud and snow
  • Textured underside
  • Built-in shovel and handles
  • UV-resistant material

Discover Great Quality & Functionality With Tred Recovery Tracks

Designed and manufactured in Australia using specially engineered polyolefin materials, Tred recovery tracks will get you out of the sand, sludge, slime or snow in no time. The torque, flex and weight-handling capabilities of these tracks are unmatched, while aggressive entry teeth ensure grip between tyres and tracks is established. Features include:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Underbelly traction
  • Linking points for adding-on
  • Superior grip and shovel
  • Dual-size offering
  • Wear-resistant properties

Invest in the Best of the Range With Maxtrax Recovery Tracks

Another great Australian product that has been rigorously tested under local conditions. The MAXTRAX is innovative and incredibly lightweight, with each track weighing only 3.4 kg. MAXTRAX is safe and easy for anyone to use in difficult situations. Impressive features include:

  • 88 traction-gripping teeth
  • Shovel and handles built-in
  • Large base footprint to accommodate big vehicles
  • Impressive flexibility and amazing strength
  • Trusted recovery device used by military and government agencies
  • Suitable for 4WD enthusiasts, tour guides, adventurers and weekend warriors

Recovery Tracks FAQs

How to use 4WD recovery board

Here are some simple steps to follow for how to use a 4WD recovery board:

  • Use a 4WD shovel to dig in front of each tyre, ensuring to remove as much material as possible.
  • Insert the recovery tracks underneath the wheels, wedging them firmly right underneath the tread.
  • Place down some recovery track straps or rope on the sides so they won't get buried by your vehicle. This will make it much easier to recover them once your 4WD is free.

Are recovery boards any good?

Yes, recovery boards are good. In fact, they are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in your 4WD arsenal. They are the most important piece of 4WD recovery gear for when your vehicle gets bogged down, whether it's snow, mud or sand, and requires additional traction in order to be recovered.

How many recovery boards do you need?

When it comes to how many recovery boards you should have stored in your 4WD, the answer is you will need at least two. Of course, depending on the size of your vehicle you might require around four or even six, but having at least two recovery boards stored in your vehicle when off-roading will ensure that you can always recover your vehicle in the event of getting bogged.

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