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What are fishing gloves?

Fishing gloves provide avid anglers with extra protection for their hands and fingers, which is important when you're handling fishing lines, knives, hooks and other sharp fishing tackle all day long. Even if you're extremely careful, just a single slip can ruin your entire fishing trip.

Fishing gloves also keep your hands warm and dry in cold weather. As the temperature drops, you can get thicker neoprene fishing gloves or even wear a thermal glove liner under it for more warmth.

When you're out fishing, your hands are exposed to the sun for hours at a time. Fishing gloves also keep your skin protected from the sun's harmful rays which can cause sunburns and even skin diseases.

Finally, fishing gloves keep your hands clean while you're handling your catch. Freshly caught fish is covered with a layer of protective slime that protects it from infections but makes them very slippery and easily rubs off on anything it touches. If you're going to be handling, cleaning or filleting fish, a pair of fishing gloves will make your work much easier by keeping the slime away from your hands and fingers, and keeps the fish from slipping away.

What special features do fishing gloves have versus regular gloves?

Fishing gloves are made out of a neoprene material that provides good grip even in wet and slippery conditions. Modern neoprene fishing gloves are made much thinner to provide the flexibility needed to perform delicate tasks like lure rigging, bait fixing or filleting.

The materials used in fishing gloves are also strong enough to protect your skin from any nicks and cuts while handling fishing tackle like lines and hooks, or while trying to clean or fillet fish with very sharp knives.

Some fishing gloves have cuts along the fingers so that you can easily slip out your thumb and forefinger for more intricate work like tying knots or rigging up lures, without having to take off the entire glove.

The palm of most modern fishing gloves are typically reinforced with an extra layer of rubber or polyurethane to provide more grip, as well as add durability to the neoprene materials.

Finally, fishing gloves typically have Velcro straps on the wrist to keep them from falling off even in very wet and slippery conditions.

What are Solar Tubes?

Solar tubes or fishing buffs provide you with extra head and neck protection against the elements. These are typically worn around the neck to minimise sun burns, and can be easily stretched up around the lower portion of your face to act as a shield against harsh winds and harmful UV rays. It can also be worn around the forehead or as a headband.

Aside from the sun's rays and the wind, solar tubes are also very effective at minimising insect bites as it can easily cover up all the exposed areas of your head, ears and neck. And when the conditions get too hot, you can dip your solar tube in water and wear it on your head while its damp to help cool you down.

Solar tubes are extremely versatile and can be used for lots of outdoor activities aside from fishing like hiking, camping and boating, among many others. These are great accessories to have for those sunny days in addition to wearing a hat and some sunscreen.



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