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Anaconda is all about fun in the Australian sun. This includes watersports action for surfers all around Australia. At Anaconda, you will find kayaks, surfboards, bodyboards and high-performance stand-up paddle boards. Surfboard options for beginners can include single-fin and twin fin bodyboards and swallow tail boards with traction pads and legrope for confident paddle power in regular safe surfing conditions. Anaconda's surfboards are high-performance watercraft designed for Australian conditions. Conquer the waves and glide on the water with confidence knowing that you are standing on top of a top-notch, reliable surfboard! Perfect for beginners and more experienced surfers, the range of Surfboards from Body Glove are amazing value for money and unbeatable in its high-performance and durability.

Surf Boards FAQs

What type of surfboard should I buy?

There is much variation in length, width, shape and weight of surfboards, and the perfect surfboard is ultimately a matter of preference for every individual. At Anaconda you can choose from different sizes such as 5 ft 10 in surf boards and longer 8 ft surfboards.

What else should I know about surfboards?

Some, but not all, surfboards regularly get treated with wax, to provide the surfer with better grip. It is said not to be necessary for foam surfboards, but preferences vary. Surfboards should be rinsed with clean (not salt) water before being stored away, and kept out of direct sunlight, as this may crack or damage the board. If you use wax, you will have to regularly scrape it off and replace it for best performance.

What should you wear when surfing?

A wetsuit is ideal for surfing because it provides sun protection and protection from cuts and grazes. Sturdy swimwear such as rash suits and swim suits are also great options. Avoid tie-up bikinis, strapless bikini tops and other swimwear that can easily come undone.

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Have fun on the water with the range of quality surfboards and accessories for low prices at Anaconda. View the Watersports Boards Buying Guide for more information on how to choose the best board for your needs. Enjoy hours of surfing and get everything you need for your next aquatic adventure right here! Our products are designed to hold up against harsh Australian conditions and be of high quality and great value. Check out great articles on the Adventure Centre to get inspired this summer. Some articles that may interest you include: Complete Guide To The Best Beaches For Surfing In NSW and Ultimate Guide To The Best Brisbane Beaches.



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