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The travel bags and travel packs you carry should meet their intended purpose. Take time to plan ahead and explore Anaconda options for highest quality travel packs, carry-on bags and travel backpacks. At Anaconda, we partner with major name brands such as BlackWolf, Caribee and The North Face so you can trust us for quality at low prices. Find the right carry-on backpack for your adventures at Anaconda. Whether you are heading on a weekend getaway, business travels or an overseas adventure, having the right travel bags will make a huge difference.

How To Choose The Right Carry On A Travel Bag?

Anaconda has a huge variety of travel packs, all designed for specific uses. Your pack should be large enough to store all your belongings for the duration of your travels. If you are using air travel, ensure your bag is secure and fits the size requirements for cabin baggage. Things to consider when purchasing a travel bag include:

  • Size: Ensure you have the right size for your belongings and for cabin baggage restrictions.
  • Handles and wheels: Some models have wheels for easy transportation.
  • Material: If you are travelling to rugged conditions choose a travel bag made from durable materials and is waterproof.
  • Compartments: Ensure the bag has adequate compartments for your needs. Some packs have the option for additional add-on compartments.

Travel Bags FAQs

Suitcase vs travel bag?

A suitcase or a travel bag each have benefits depending on the type of travel. Suitcases are excellent for travels when you will do limited walking and have transport options, whereas a travel bag usually has shoulder straps and handles that allow you to wear it on your back when walking or trekking is part of your travels.

What is the Best Carry On Bag?

When choosing a carry-on bag, the best one is one that suits your travel style. For those travelling light and who will be on foot, a carry-on backpack is a great option. A rolling carry-on bag is versatile and easy to use for all purposes.

Do I require a rain cover for my bag?

A rain cover is important to protect your bag and gear from moisture as well as dirt and damage. Consider a rain cover if you are travelling to wet climates or rugged conditions.

What other travel gear should I consider?

That's a big question, and fortunately at Anaconda we have all the answers for travelling, camping, hiking and trekking. Your travel backpack can store a lot of gear including cookware, first aid equipment, toiletry gear, mats, water bottles, gloves, beanies and everything else required for a safe and enjoyable adventure. You may also consider a travel belt bag, cross-body bag and packing cubes to optimally organise your belongings.

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You can find more backpacks, hiking packs, day packs, dry bags and duffle bags for your travel needs at Anaconda. Read the in-depth Packs and Bags Buying Guide for more information on choosing the perfect travel bag. Remember to check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as The Benefits Of Being Outside In Nature and Ultimate Guide To The Best Hiking Trails In WA. Anaconda aims to inspire, equip & enable Australians with the best value and broadest range of outdoor adventure and sporting products! Trust Anaconda for everything you need to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.



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