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Discover Quality Men's Swimwear & Surf Wear At Anaconda

Anaconda's huge range of swimwear and surfwear for men has all the essentials you need for your next adventure in or on the water! Whether you enjoy kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, surfing or paddleboarding, Anaconda has the right men's swimming gear for any activity. You can find men's wetsuits, men's board shorts and men's rash vests in our range, as well as a selection of men's cargo shorts and water shorts for beach & leisure activities. Enjoy your time on the water with confidence while having the right clothing and protection from sun, water and wind.

Explore Men's Swim & Surf Gear For A Range Of Activities

Enjoy your time out in the water while protecting your body with our range of men's rashies, which come in short and long-sleeved options, and a great selection of boardies or men's board shorts, that are designed to let you ride the waves without restricting your movements. Explore surf essentials like surf watches as well as men's wetsuits, stinger suits and steamers to protect yourself from while surfing, water skiing or snorkelling.

Men's Swimwear & Surf FAQs

What are the different kinds of men's swimsuits?

The type of swimwear you choose should be informed by which water activities you're engaging in. For just a dip in the pool or surf, opt for men's boardshorts or swim briefs. Rash vests, also referred to as rash guards or rashies, are designed to protect your body from abrasion when surfing or bodyboarding. They also offer great coverage to assist with sun protection. You can also choose from a range of men's swimsuit styles including men's spring suits and men's steamers that help keep you warm in the water.

What do men wear under a wetsuit?

Whether or not you want to wear an extra layer underneath your wetsuit is a personal choice. Having an additional layer is a great option if you'll be changing out of your wetsuit on the beach - for men, consider wearing a pair of men's swimwear briefs underneath to give you this option. You can also wear a men's rash vest or rashie for protection from chafing. Keep in mind wetsuits keep you warm by trapping a thin layer of water inside, which is then warmed up by your body - so additional layers can minimise this insulating effect.

How should men's swimwear & surfwear fit?

Finding the right size men's swimming gear is super important for your comfort and performance. If you're wondering how tight a wetsuit should be, they should provide a snug fit without limiting your range of motion. Opt for a size up if you find you fall between sizes, as wetsuits are already designed for a tighter fit. When it comes to other swimwear like rashies, follow the same rule of thumb - comfortable and snug yet still allowing freedom of movement.

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When it comes to finding all the essentials for your waterside adventures, Anaconda has you covered with our huge range of beach & surf gear! Explore surfboards, paddle boards, bodyboards and a variety of beach surf accessories like beach towels and beach trolleys. Check out the complete selection of swim & surfwear as well, where you can find swimming gear for the whole family including wetsuits, boards shorts and rash vests! Head into your nearest Anaconda store to shop for all your beach and pool needs, or make your purchases online where you can choose from click & collect or delivery for your order. For more information on finding the best swimwear, make sure you check out our informative swim & surfwear buying guide.



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