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Don't go to the beach before checking out the great range of beach & surf accessories from Anaconda. Shop your beach umbrella & other accessories now!

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Can I buy beach and surf accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! In this range, you will find a number of essential items for your leisure time on the beach or at the water's edge. From fun ways to keep the kids amused, to essentials such as sun umbrellas and hats, and even pouches to stop sand or water from damaging your phone, cash and credit cards or other valuables.

What types of kids' items are included in the range?

Kids will enjoy hours of fun with the large inflatables available from Anaconda. Available as either a large clownfish or a giant rubber tire, these items will keep them amused in and out of the water. There is also a great dual inflatable, which can be towed behind a kayak, sloop or other craft for the kids to enjoy the ride. For kids who want to enjoy some music, there are two different types of wireless speaker available here at Anaconda, so they can listen to their favourite sounds. Plane kites will be great fun if there is a breeze, and these come in several types including a bi-plane model. An Australian flag is also included in the range, great for sporting events, national holidays and even when playing explorers on the beach or headland.

What about sun protection items?

If you are planning to be out for a considerable time, you may want to consider taking along one of our great value parasols or beach umbrellas, which can be easily put up on the beach or in the garden. At 1.6m wide and 2.0m wide, they are large enough for several people at a time to enjoy. A range of sun hats is also available from Anaconda, and the excellent striped hooded towel tops are great for putting on after a swim.

Are storage items included in the range?

Yes, a variety of small pouches is included, either for attaching to your clothing or wrist, or to put inside beach bags, for keeping smaller items, electronics and valuables safe from sun, sand and water. These are also ideal if you are out kayaking, surfing or performing other water sports. If you are looking for a handy beach bag to store your larger items, that is also available, and you can even get a mesh bag that will allow water to drain out, great for storing fins, diving masks etc. You can also protect your paddle board with a special paddle board cover from this range.

Does Anaconda sell other beach and surf items too?

Yes, check out the whole range of beach and surf items for equipment, accessories, essentials and all types of kit. As well as these, you will also find swim and surfwear at Anaconda for men, women and kids, as well as footwear and many different types of accessories including hats, sunglasses and more.



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