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Anaconda's range of kids' swimwear and surfwear has everything you need to ensure your kids get the most out of their time in the water - and stay protected from the sun while they're at it. From go-tos like board shorts, swim shorts, kids bucket hats and rash vests, Anaconda has got you and your little ones covered for fun times in the sunshine.

What To Look For When Choosing Kids' Surf Wear & Swimwear

  • Look for sun smart designs: It's always a good idea to go for a sun smart design. The harsh Australian sun can be damaging, especially on young skin, so it's vital children stay protected when outside.
  • Consider ease of dressing: It's also worth thinking about how easy the swimwear is going to be to get on and off. Remember, when you're taking the swimsuit off, it will be wet and (if you're at the beach) your kids might be salty and sandy too, so swimwear or surfwear that's easy to get on and off will really make your day (and theirs) a lot more enjoyable.
  • Check the material: When they're having fun swimming in a pool, chlorine-resistant fabrics will help ensure their swimwear lasts as long as it should without excessive fading. These fabrics will also hold their structural integrity over time with repeated wear and washings, so your kids don't have to worry about their swimwear moving around as they swim.

Kids Swimwear & Surfwear FAQs

Kids' swim shorts vs kids' board shorts: what's the difference?

If your kids are keen surfers or are ready to start learning, then board shorts will form an essential part of their water gear. Board shorts help to prevent the wax used on surfboards from irritating the skin on your legs, and allow for unrestricted movement and performance on the waves. Swim trunks are designed specifically for swimming, as the name suggests and contain a mesh inner liner which can impede movement and create chafing when worn surfing.

What is a kids' rash vest?

Rash vests, or rashies are another surfwear essential. Like board shorts, they're designed to minimise chafing of skin against surfboards or paddleboards. Kids' rash vests can be found in long sleeve and short sleeve options, and are typically made from chlorine resistant, quick drying materials and offer sun protection of UPF 50+.

What is a kids' bucket hat?

A bucket hat features a narrow, downwards sloping brim and often includes a drawstring to keep it secure. A kids' bucket hat from Anaconda offers great sun smart protection for the Australian weather, many of which have a UPF50+ rating. You can find bucket hats made from a range of materials in Anaocnda's range, including those which are suitable for wearing in the water. Always make sure you also slip, slop & slap with high rated SPF sun protection like moisturising sunscreens.


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