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Choosing The Right Shoes For The Kids - Here Is What You Need To Remember!

When you choose shoes for the kids, it is important to choose suitable shoes for their age range. For example, toddlers will need different things for their shoes than the average teenagers. To help you select the right shoes for your child's age range, be sure to read through our guide below.

How Do I Choose The Right Shoe Size?

Parents undoubtedly know already that children can grow out of clothing and shoes rapidly. So, taking measurements to determine the right shoe size of your child will certainly be a requirement.

There are many ways in which to measure your child's feet. One of the best ways to do it is by tracing your child's foot on a bit of paper. Not only does this seem like a fun game, it gives you all the time you need to determine the right size afterwards.

Have you measured your child's feet and is (s)he currently between sizes? If this is the case, always choose the larger size, as your child will grow into it quite quickly.

Please note that taking your child's foot size is best done in the afternoon or evening. Feet tend to swell over the course of the day, so if you take measurements later on, the shoe size will be more accurate.

What Are The Best Shoe Materials For Children's Feet?

When you select the shoe material for your child, it is important to remember that a child's foot can sweat twice to three times as much as an adult. So, keeping your child's feet dry while wearing their shoes is an absolute essential.

The best materials to prevent sweating include canvas and leather, these are natural materials that usually have more breathability. When using such materials, more air gets circulated into the shoes itself. As a result, your child's feet will not sweat as much compared to other synthetic materials.

Please note that you should not rule out synthetic materials all-together. Synthetic materials still provide benefits, but they should be combined with another natural material to keep the inside of the shoes breathable.

What Are The Most Important Properties For My Child's Shoes?

When you select some shoes for the kids, it is always beneficial to have some properties to look out for. While we already mentioned breathability, there are some other features you should consider when shopping for children's footwear.

Flexibility and versatility - Two of the most important properties for children's footwear are flexibility and versatility. If a shoe is flexible and versatile, it means the shoe moves with your child's foot no matter the movement they are doing or what surface they are walking on. Remember, shoes should almost be like a second skin, not a hindrance.

Shock absorption - Another important part of children's footwear is the ability to absorb shocks, this can prevent accidents like sprained ankles and falls. To ensure the shoes you have selected are equipped with the right shock absorption, you should always look for sufficient support in the centre of the shoe. With support being present in this part of the shoe, your child can count on additional support and stabilisation on the heels.

We must mention that the arch of a child's foot can be different by their age. For example, newborns and toddlers will have very flat feet, so a clear arch is not present until the child gets a little older. As such, this should be taken into consideration when selecting shoes for your little one.

Avoid heels - You may be tempted by a cute design that involves a small heel, but it is certainly not recommended. Heels are not only difficult to walk in, they can affect the development of a child's foot. Therefore, even soles are always best when it comes down to children's shoe designs.

How Do I Know My Child Needs New Shoes Again?

Children grow rapidly, so you might have to shop for another pair of shoes quite quickly. Most children will tell you when their shoes are starting to feel uncomfortable. However, it is certainly a good idea to check the fit yourself from time to time.



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