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Bladed fishing lures have become one of the biggest selling hard lures in recent times and they are a fantastic lure choice for bream and bass fishermen as well as for many other fish species. Vibes are great for estuary fishing or fresh water fishing for a host of fish species, including bass, cod and flathead. Using blades and vibes is becoming very popular due to their simplicity in use. They can be used to great effect, even by beginning fishermen. Here at Anaconda, you can find blades and vibes by Berkeley, Mojiko and others in a range of shapes and colours.

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Blade and vibe fishing lures are great for catching Bream, Flathead, deep water Barra and other well-known Australian fish species. Vibe fishing lures and other soft plastic and hard plastic lures are in vogue, along with more great Anaconda angling equipment designed to catch more fish. Soft vibe lures and other fishing lures are just part of the equation, with the Anaconda fishing collection including jigs, jig heads, gaffs, tackle boxes, switchblade knives, ecogear, trolling gear, aerators, life jackets and a whole lot more.

Explore high quality hard body lures, soft vibe lures and other fishing lures along with more great fishing gear from major manufacturers such as Berkley, Jackall, Zerek, Shad, Ecogear, Halco, Rapala, Alvey and other big names in the Australian angling world. The unbeatable Anaconda range of products includes fishing tackle boxes, high quality vibe lures, cast nets, electric motors, knife sharpeners, fluorocarbon fishing line and a great range of fishing rods, spinning reels and rod holders.


Vibes are usually made from a plastic or timber body although some modern vibes are almost a morph between vibes and soft plastics as the body is made of a rubbery material. Many vibes are also equipped with internal rattles or other audible extras designed to maximise the lure's fish-attracting abilities.

Blades work on similar principles but are a different design. They are constructed via a sheet of metal that has been cut into a specific shape (often that of a fish). Some modern blades have bodies made from durable plastics such as polycarbonate. On the forward underside is a shaped chin weight. This weight creates the action of the blade.


Blades and vibes have become very popular due to their simplicity in use. They can be used to great effect without having to be a highly skilled angler to do so. There are lots of different vibes and blades out there and without question, the better quality ones have one defining feature - that is they have an action whilst sinking. All of them will impart action on the retrieve but those that "vibe" while they sink will get more bites.


At Anaconda, our fishing equipment is available online or in-store. Explore Berkley, Jarvis Walker, Shimano, Halco, Rapala and Alvey fishing gear for Australian conditions. We have spearfishing equipment, overhead reels, spinnerbaits, fly fishing rods, squid jigs, swivels, waders and other fishing essentials. If you want to tailor your vibe lures and other terminal tackle, check out the Samaki Vibelicious, Jackall Transam Zerek Fish Trap, Atomic Hardz and Berkley Shimma products to get you started.

At Anaconda, you can match your fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing line with your vibe lures, blade lures and other fishing lures. We have all the accessories Australian anglers need, including pliers, rod holders, cast nets, waders and sinkers, so you can maximise your next catch.



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