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Experienced travellers will always make sure that the first item they pack is a camping first aid kit. Choose from a variety of first aid kits at Anaconda.

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First Aid Essentials You Must Include In Your First Aid Kit

Creating a first aid kit for inside your home or for your next camping trip can be complicated, especially when you start looking at all the things that should be included. To ensure you have everything you need, here are some of the basics you should add to your first aid kit. For the purpose of this article, we will look at a universal first aid kit, which can be used in various locations. However, variations are possible if you intend on using the kit for a specific purpose.

What Plasters And Dressings Should I Include Inside My First Aid Kit?

One of the essentials that should always be included inside your first aid kit is a set of plasters. You should obtain plasters in various shapes and sizes, this enables you to deal with a variety of wounds and grazes quickly.

In addition to plasters, you should also include a variety of dressings. Gauze dressings are an essential for many wounds and grazes, especially when the wound is situated on a location where plaster application is not that easy. Gauze dressings are also recommended to keep certain areas sterile.

Your first aid kit should also include a selection of different bandages. Not only are bandages used for serious wounds, they can be used to stem bleeding in case of an emergency. They can also shield an existing wound against dust and debris.

What Small Tools Should I Include Inside My First Aid Kit?

Certain tools might not be associated with first aid, but that does not mean they do not have a function for first aid. Therefore, there are some general tools you should include inside your first aid kit.

Some safety pins are an absolute must inside your first aid kit, this since the pins are vital to secure bandages. When you use something such as a basic bandage to fasten your bandages, you will notice they can become loose very quick. So, safety pins will keep it all in place.

A pair of tweezers is another essential tool, this can help you tackle splinters. If you or the kids spend a lot of time in the outdoors, splinters are likely to happen. Therefore, a pair of tweezers should not only be included in your home first aid kit, it should also be included in an outdoor one.

Finally, always include a pair of scissors as well. From cutting plasters and gauze dressings to bandages, there are a lot of things you can use a pair of scissors for.

What Medications Should I Include In My First Aid Kit?

While you may believe plasters and bandages will make up the largest part of the first aid kit, the largest amount of space will be taken up by medications and medicated topicals. Below, we have described the most important things to include.

One of the first things to include is a selection of cleansing wipes, these can contain alcohol, but alcohol-free versions are available as well. Cleansing wipes are commonly used to clean a wound or a graze before the application of a plaster or bandage.

Skin rashes can also be a common emergency, so you should include some rash cream as well. Naturally, rashes can be caused by numerous things, this ranges from an insect bite to an allergic reaction. In most cases, a soothing multi-purpose skin cream will provide the most help until you can seek medical assistance.

In addition to a rash cream, you should include other common medications. This includes options such as antihistamines, pain relief tablets, eye wash, bite and sting relief, and some distilled water for wound management.

Which First Aid Supplies Does Anaconda Provide?

Anaconda delivers a range of first aid supplies. Our first aid supplies are quite widespread, ranging from emergency blankets and fire blankets to insect zappers, snake bite kits, and antiseptic creams. We also provide hot and cold packs for regular use and useful first aid containers where you can store your first aid supplies at home or on the go. To get a better idea of the first aid supplies we can provide, please head over to the first aid section on the website.



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