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What are the advantages of women's fleece clothing?

Australia is well known as a summer country of sun & sand adventures. Australians also know just how cold it can get in winter, particularly in the southern states and high country. It's no surprise that women's fleece clothing is in big demand at Anaconda. Fleece is the perfect mid-layer between down jackets and moisture wicking base layers, and it is the ideal outer-garment material in milder weather.

Fleece is lightweight and stores easily without getting damaged. The best fleece garments hold their shape, look stylish and can be worn outdoors or inside for making a winter statement. The Anaconda women's fleece collection contains dozens of attractive garments for ladies of all sizes, with an emphasis on comfort, cosiness and quality. Fleece clothing can be handy all year round for almost any occasion, so it could be time to check out some great Anaconda deals.

What are the most popular fleece products?

Fleece is a fabric with uses from head to toe. It is used in beanies, gloves, boots, jackets, hoodies, undergarments and more. Women's full zip and part-zip polar fleece jackets with turtle-neck or hoodie are ever-popular and are available in a range of styles, patterns and colours. Fleece neckbands, gloves and booties are at the top of the list for people visiting Australian and international ski fields.

Fleece pants and sweatshirts are the casual and cool alternative to wearing a track suit, and don't forget about heavy-duty snow jackets with fleece interior for maximum luxury and warmth. Fleece is a material with universal appeal for campers, hikers, trekkers, boaties and other outdoor women, men and kids. The Anaconda women's fleece collection is worth serious exploration, and all products are on offer with our famous Anaconda lowest available price guarantee.

How does fleece work?

The fleece used in most clothing is a synthetic insulating fabric that shouldn't be confused with sheep's fleece or other natural fibres. Synthetic fleece is extremely comfortable due to its light weight and properties that combat perspiration. Fleece allows moisture to evaporate, while also blocking humidity. It is fast-drying and breathable, making it a good fabric for sportswear and winter apparel.

Most significantly, fleece is less scratchy than almost any other material. If your skin reacts poorly to wool, cotton and other fibres, consider switching to fleece clothing. Fleece can also be incorporated with other natural and synthetic fibres for tailor made clothing choices, with many of the best women's fleece garments on show at Anaconda.

Why choose fleece instead of wool?

At Anaconda, you have choices for fleece, wool, cotton and more. Your choices should be driven by personal preferences and practical considerations, so we offer a huge women's clothing range. Here are a few considerations when choosing between fleece and wool.


  • Softer than wool
  • Lighter than wool
  • Breathable
  • Doesn't insulate when wet
  • Can create static


  • Natural organic material
  • Breathable
  • Insulates when wet
  • Can get itchy and heavy

What other women's clothing should I consider?

The Anaconda women's clothing range is second-to-none. We partner with major brands such as Helly Hansen, Mountain Designs, The North Face, Marmot and Keen to deliver top quality products for the lowest available price. We are excited about our women's clothing collection at Anaconda, and we are sure you will be too. Explore the best women's fleece products online or in-store, and enjoy all-over comfort and style.



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