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Puffer Collection

Enjoy your winter adventures with our extensive range of puffer jackets for men, women and kids. Shop lightweight and waterproof puffer jackets at Anaconda.

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Shop Quality Puffer Jackets At Anaconda

If you are considering an adventure to the high country, a hooded puffer jacket or down puffer jacket should be one of the first considerations. These winter jackets are waterproof, easily packable and incredibly warm. Premium lightweight puffer jackets, waterproof puffer jackets, down vests and winter coats and other outerwear available at Anaconda are from name brands that include The North Face, Nike, Adidas, Columbia, Patagonia, Shearling and other internationally recognised names. From lightweight puffer jackets made with Canada goose feathers to fully insulated winter puffer jackets suitable for skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering, we have it all on show at Anaconda. For all-over comfort, combine your down puffer coat with Merino leggings, moisture-wicking tees, water-repellent boots and other high-quality activewear.

Why Are They Called Puffer Jackets?

Puffer jackets have particular winter coat design features that stand out, particularly their 'puffy' appearance. A hooded puffer jacket will usually have a quilted ribbed construction that locks in warmth and creates a puffer effect. If you want to shop down puffer jackets, insulated jackets, waterproof puffer jackets, blazers and other winter coats, look no further than the Anaconda collection. Whether you are XS or XXL, we have the snug-fitting winter puffer jacket that will suit your winter style on the slopes. And at Anaconda, we offer gift cards, weekly specials, free returns, Afterpay and our famous lowest available price guarantee.

Features of down puffer jackets include impressive insulated jacket warming capabilities, lightweight design and packable materials that facilitate convenient storage in small spaces. Add Anaconda packable puffer jackets, hooded puffer jackets, faux fur hood jackets and other water-repellent products to your wishlist and check back often for new arrivals and weekly specials. In comparison to wool or leather jackets, puffer jackets are lighter, warmer and more suitable for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures.

Advantages and Puffer Jackets and Their Uses

There are many benefits to puffer jackets and they can be used for a variety of reasons, the most popular uses are:

  • Travelling: Anyone who travels a lot when visiting cooler destinations will benefit by wearing a hooded puffer jacket. A hooded puffer jacket makes any situation more comfortable, whether you are travelling by plane, boat, car or train. When the weather warms up, simply stuff your jacket into your carry-on baggage or its own purpose-designed pouch. Your hooded puffer jacket can even be scrunched up to form a comfortable travel pillow on long-distance journeys.
  • Outdoor adventures: The warming capability of winter puffer jackets, courtesy of synthetic fibre or down filling, makes them an essential item for serious adventurers. They don't take up much space in a backpack and will keep you warm and toasty in the snow, at the campsite or exploring natural beauty wherever you are.
  • Work and errands around town: Down and synthetic lightweight puffer jackets allow you to keep warm in winter without looking overly bulky. They are lightweight and allow flexibility, perfect for visiting the shops in winter or just visiting a neighbour around the corner.
  • Hanging out with friends: It can be a struggle for some people to head out at night during winter. Instead of wearing a heavy jacket that can't be discarded or running from the car in a freezing dash to reach a warmer place, you should consider a down puffer jacket. It can be worn when you need it and stuffed in your purse or bag when not in use.
  • Commuting to the gym or pool: Packability is a big winner with waterproof puffer jackets. Zipping around town for yoga, the gym, the heated pool or elsewhere requires smart clothing solutions for a quick change. In almost every situation where you are uncertain whether to wear a coat or not, a puffer jacket is the versatile answer.

Puffer Jackets FAQs

How To Pack A Puffer Jacket?

In order to correctly pack a puffer jacket, begin by first buttoning or zipping up the front of the jacket. Then fold the sleeves inwardly over the centre of the jacket and begin rolling it up. Now hold it tightly and then begin sliding it into your bag. You can also use a rubber band to hold the puffer jacket tightly in place.

How To Unwrinkle A Puffer Jacket?

If your puffer jacket is looking a little wrinkly, then a tennis ball is your new best friend. Next time you are drying your puffer jacket, chuck in a few tennis balls. As the tennis balls bounce around, they will keep hitting the puffer jacket and bring back the 'puff' to your puffer jacket!

How To Dry A Puffer Jacket?

You can easily dry your puffer jacket in a dryer as long as it is on a low-heat setting. Alternatively, you can also hand dry your puffer jacket if you prefer a more delicate touch. For a step-by-step process on how to dry your puffer jacket, check out our guide to Washing & Drying A Puffer Jacket.

What Is The Best Puffer Jacket?

The best puffer jacket for you will depend on a variety of factors such as how cold it will be, what features you are wanting to use, the style you prefer and many more. For a complete breakdown, check out our guide on How To Choose The Puffer Jacket For You.

Shop The Entire Range Of Puffer Jackets At Anaconda

For quality puffer jackets and other classic outdoor apparel, look no further than Anaconda. We are your one-stop outdoor, adventure & sporting retailer with an Australia-wide network of stores, plus you can shop online wherever you are. Since 2004, we have been Australia's in-demand outdoor specialists. As Australia's largest camping, hiking and outdoors specialist, Anaconda has market reach to establish partnerships with leading brands, ultimately passing the savings on to you. Our everyday prices are unbeatable, and our weekly specials slash prices dramatically, so check out the Anaconda range of apparel and equipment, and get ready to become inspired.

Shop our entire range of puffer jackets online or visit us in-store today, including our entire range of kid's jackets & outerwear, women's puffer jackets and men's puffer jackets. For more information, check out our helpful Outerwear Clothing Buying Guide and our How To Wash A Puffer Jacket: Everything You Need To Know to make sure you're completely covered.



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