Can I purchase pumps at Anaconda?

Anaconda offers a large range of pumps both online and in store, ideal for all types of inflatables from airbeds and paddling pools to inflatable boats and even bouncy castles. In fact, everything that would is to hard to inflate by mouth! As well as during hiking and camping trips, pumps can be handy equipment to have around the house as they can be used for a number of projects. So if you are in need of a new pump make sure you check out the great range of pumps available at Anaconda today!

What types of pumps are available at Anaconda?

Anaconda offers a variety of pumps, including:

    Manual pumps - Suitable for small tasks, or top-ups these basic manual pumps are available as a foot or hand pump at Anaconda. With multiple nozzles they can be used for a range of inflatables.
      Electric pumps - as the name suggest, these will require access to an electricity source but with their easy and efficient inflating nozzle they will make light work of bigger inflatable objects such as airbeds.
        Rechargeable pumps - with 12V and 240V capability, these pumps can be run on normal electricity, generators and even via your vehicle, which makes them ideal for trips away from home.
          Lightweight pumps - these gadgets are ideal if you are planning a hiking or cycling trip because of their compact size and light weight. The air sack pump allows you to inflate larger volumes and doubles up as a stuff sack, while the battery operated pole pump is specially designed to take us as little space as possible among your camping gear.

          Which is the best type of pump for me?

          That very much depends on how often you need to use it, your budget and whether you need to carry it or if it will be transported in your vehicle, as weights can vary considerably. If you are unsure about the best pump to purchase, our sales staff will be happy to advise you either in store or by answering your email. If yu are planning to use your pump for inflating air beds, it may also be worth checking out Anaconda's range of air beds, as some models come with their own pump attached or built in.

          Which other types of pump can I purchase at Anaconda?

          Anaconda also offers pumps with pressure gauges, which are useful for inflating bike and car tyres, mini pumps that are easily clipped to your bike or kayak for emergencies, as well as larger pressure air systems which can drive professional tools and tackle serious inflating tasks.



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