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Fully immerse yourself into the joy of treasure hunting with our metal detectors at Anaconda. Shop metal detectors & prospecting tools for your next scavenge.

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Unearth Hidden Treasures With Metal Detectors At Anaconda

Anaconda's huge range of metal detectors and gold panning kits has options for beginner prospectors and seasoned treasure hunters alike. We have everything from simple gold panning dishes and sieves to pro-level, multi-frequency gold detectors that will suit even the most avid prospectors. You can also discover pick hammers, digger tools and filter scoops so you're fully equipped and ready to unearth some treasure!

What Types Of Metal Detectors Can I Find In Anaconda's Range?

The best metal detector for you will depend on what kind of treasure you're searching for and where you're looking for it. We stock a range of Minelab metal detectors that feature multiple 'find modes' for different metals and environments, such as land-based, beach and underwater, and gold prospecting. Our metal detectors are lightweight and compact for ease of transport on your hiking trips and include a wide range of features including:

  • Different search modes, sensitivity levels & volume settings
  • Wireless or Bluetooth headphones
  • Built-in speakers
  • LCD displays
  • Multi-IQ Technology, allows you to discover different metals simultaneously
  • Waterproofing
  • Rechargeable batteries & included battery chargers
  • Customisable search modes

…and more! Each of our product listings has comprehensively listed features & benefits, as well as handy video guides so you can find the perfect metal detector for your needs!

Metal Detectors FAQ

How does a metal detector work?

Metal detectors contain a search coil that transmits an electromagnetic field into the earth. Metal objects that lie within this field will become energised or charged, and then re-transmit their own electromagnetic field. The search coil then picks up this signal and alerts the user by producing a target response.

What is prospecting and gold panning?

Prospecting is the generic term used for the search for mineral deposits, usually by drilling or excavating. Recreational prospecting or fossicking is when treasure hunters use hand tools, metal detectors or pans to look for gems, minerals or gold. Gold panning is a traditional form of mining, and refers specifically to using specialised pans to separate heavier particles like gold from soil by washing in a pan of water.

How to use a metal detector

Metal detectors are designed to be easy to use for both beginners and seasoned pros alike, and often feature basic settings so you can simply switch on and go. Once you have found your location for metal detecting, simply stand in a comfortable position and hold the unit so that the coil is hovering just above the ground. Swipe the detector side by side in a semi-circular motion as you slowly walk to cover the terrain.

What Else Should I Know About Metal Detecting & Prospecting?

It never hurts to do a bit of research about the best place to find your metal target if you have a particular treasure in mind. If you're just starting out, burying some items such as coins in your yard is a great way to practise your skills and get to know your metal detector.

It's also super important to note the various licences or permits required to metal detect or prospect in your State or Territory. In Victoria, for example, you will need what's known as a miner's right. In NSW and Queensland, this is called a Fossicking Permit. Make sure you check the rules before you embark on your metal detecting adventure!

Discover The Right Metal Detectors And Gold Panning Equipment With Anaconda

With the range of detectors and prospecting equipment available at Anaconda, you're sure to find the perfect gear for your treasure-hunting needs. If your metal detector is coming with you on a camping or hiking adventure, our huge selection of Camping & Hiking gear such as tents, generators and handy tools and equipment will ensure you're ready for action. Be sure to check out our informative Treasure Hunting 101 article for some handy tips and tricks, and if you're not already an Adventure Club member, sign up today for exclusive Club discounts and more!



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