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You certainly can, and we have some of the best generator products on the market. A sine wave inverter generator provides portability for transforming power supply that is safe for use at your campsite. Yamaha camping generators are designed to keep noise levels down, yet are strong enough to run power tools, sensitive electronics and appliances. Australian camping styles have evolved, and there is no shame in having convenient power output for home comforts even while camping in the rugged outback. In fact, Anaconda products are designed to dramatically improve your campsite experience. Portable inverter generators, chargers, battery chargers, solar panels and more can be combined for maximum campsite comfort.

If you are gearing up for a camping trip, consider a 2kva or 4kva Yamaha portable generator that can run all your Australian campsite appliances. Relatively lightweight and easy to carry, portable camping generators can be conveniently stowed for towing on a trailer or carrying in the boot of your car. Once at the campsite, it is as easy as setting up your generator under your gazebo or awning and enjoying all creature comforts. Camping trips remain a popular Australian holiday choice for individuals, couples and families, and it makes sense to bring along a high quality portable generator that boasts optimum fuel efficiency and power output for ultimate camper comfort. While exploring Anaconda inverter generator options, make sure to check out other great deals on sleeping bags, swags, BBQs, towing gear and all spare parts required.


Generators are available in a range of different outputs, so to find the correct generator for your use, check which items or appliances you want to be able to run at the same time from your generator, and for how long. Total these watts, to find the right size generator for your needs.

Please note that different size appliances or tools will vary so check the appliance, the product manual, or the supplier's website for the continuous and surge wattage of your device. If amps are noted on the device, you can calculate watts by multiplying amps times the voltage. For example, a 7-amp device on 120v AC current would equal 840 watts (7 x 120 = 840). For more advice, check the descriptions alongside each generator type on the website, and if you still have further questions, please ask our experienced sale staff or email us if you are browsing the website.

Also included in the range are a number of generator covers. Protect your generator from dust and dirt while not in use by placing a lightweight cover over it. Please check individual descriptions for information on models that the cover will fit.



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