Can I purchase generators at Anaconda?

You never need to be stuck for power again, regardless of where you are, with the complete range of generators available from Anaconda. Generators can be used in a variety of situations. Keep essential equipment going in the event of a power cut, or run appliances when you are out of reach of normal power supplies. From powering up a hot water urn at the side of a sports field, to providing your tent with lighting and power while on holiday, the right generator for the job can be found at Anaconda.

Keep in touch with the outside world by powering up your tablet or laptop while away from mains power, recharge your family's phones, keep the kids happy with power for their computer games, and provide light, cool air (or heating) and refrigeration or power to cook at your chosen camp site, no matter how remote.

How do I know which generator I need to purchase?

Generators are available in a range of different outputs, so to find the correct generator for your use, check which items or appliances you want to be able to run at the same time from your generator, and for how long. Total these watts, to find the right size generator for your needs.

Here are some typical average power requirements for popular household/camping items:

Tools or AppliancesRunning WattsSurge Watts
Cell Phone Battery Charger100
Laptop Computer (Home/RV/Camping/Tailgate)750
PDA, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Cell Phones800
13-Inch TV (Home/RV/Camping/Tailgate)1000
Outdoor Bug light (RV/Camping/Tailgate)1000
20-Inch Box Fan2000
Video Game Console2000
Refrigerator - Dorm Size (Home/RV/Camping/Tailgate)350500
Food Processor/Blender (RV/ Camping/Tailgate)350500
Single Element Hot Plate (Home/RV/Camping/Tailgate)7500
Toaster (Home/RV/Camping/Tailgate)

Please note that different size appliances or tools will vary so check the appliance, the product manual, or the supplier's website for the continuous and surge wattage of your device. If amps are noted on the device, you can calculate watts by multiplying amps times the voltage. For example, a 7-amp device on 120v AC current would equal 840 watts (7 x 120 = 840). For more advice, check the descriptions alongside each generator type on the website, and if you still have further questions, please ask our experienced sale staff or email us if you are browsing the website.

Also included in the range are a number of generator covers. Protect your generator from dust and dirt while not in use by placing a lightweight cover over it. Please check individual descriptions for information on models that the cover will fit.



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