Other Power Sources

Looking for power to run electric on your next camping trip but does not fancy bringing a generator? Take a look at our camping battery Range at Anaconda today.

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What other power sources are available at Anaconda?

At Anaconda, you can find all types of power sources for your camping and hiking trips or other outdoor adventures. In this range, you will find items ranging from simple alkaline household batteries to power torches and other small battery operated devices, to power inverters and portable power sources to take along on your trip.

What types of alkaline batteries can I purchase at Anaconda?

You'll find everything from small AAA alkaline batteries here to large D batteries, in varying quantities and pack sizes to suit your requirements. Make sure you have some spare batteries for all your battery-powered appliances to avoid problems while you are away! Anaconda stocks batteries from well-known brands Maxell and Tactical.

What else should I look out for in this range?

If you are planning a trip abroad, check out the Waeco MPS AC Adaptor here at Anaconda. The adaptor provides hassle-free connection of 12/24-volt cooling appliances to 110 - 240 volt mains systems allowing you and your cooling appliance to cope with the mains supplies of nearly all continents (Europe, America, Asia).

Another popular and useful item in this range is the Waeco Cool Power Raps 36AH Battery. If you're planning a trip that requires an overnight stop in the middle of nowhere, this handy gadget can help you run your cool box or lighting at your camp site. It can be recharged from your vehicle battery and it is possible to run two of these in tandem to increase the amount of power provided.

Are power inverters included in this range?

Yes, at Anaconda you can find a number of power inverters ranging from 150 - 600W, allowing you to run many household appliances with power from your vehicle battery. Always get expert advice on the amount of wattage required to run your appliances safely, to avoid getting stuck in the wilderness with a drained vehicle battery!

If you don't like the idea of risking your vehicle battery, consider investing in a Primus Power Bank. This heavy duty 44 amp hour portable battery is super useful around the campsite. Use it to power your fridge, saving your car battery from going flat. Use it to power your 12v lights and accessories without the hassle of running lights to your vehicle. Suitable for camping, fishing, caravanning and other outdoor activities, the Primus Power Bank can also be used to charge your mobile phone or tablet. With multiple charging options via AC, DC adapter and solar panel charger (not included), the Primus Power Bank can deliver instant power wherever you need it.

What about long car journeys?

If you need to spend several days on the road but don't want to risk getting cut off from friends or loved ones, the Projecta Power Cup fits neatly into most vehicle cup holders and is ideal for powering electrical equipment including iPads, mobile phones etc. Its FM Transmitter wirelessly broadcasts your favourite music through your FM radio, while the L.E.D indicator shows what is being powered via the USB Ports.



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