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Be fully prepared for your next hiking or camping trip with these stunning hiking mats from Anaconda. Choose the hiking mat that fits you best for the best price.

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A comfortable surface may seem the most important function of a hiking mat, but a quality mat that keeps you warm throughout the night is the most significant feature for serious trekkers, hikers and campers. Before selecting a hiking mat, take a look at the vast Anaconda range and select a mat that perfectly suits your needs.

  • Explore the three basic hiking mat types (air, self-inflating and closed-cell foam). all have advantages for different camping/hiking styles.
  • Determine the activity your hiking mat will be used for - backpacking, outdoor camping, hiking, cold climate camping etc.
  • Decide the features that you consider most important, such as hiking mat weight, size, cushioning and insulation.

At Anaconda, you can try before you buy. Our Australia-wide network of retail outlets, in all major cities and regional centres, has grown to accommodate the growing interest in purpose-designed outdoor equipment and apparel. Visit your nearest Anaconda store and experience hiking mats in person, so you can purchase with confidence.

Self-inflating hiking mats are extremely popular. They offer a combination of open-cell insulation and air and take only moments to set up. Simply open the valve and air will fill the chamber automatically. These mats are used for backpacking and car camping, designed to be rolled up into a lightweight and portable parcel. With a self-inflating hiking mat, you can adjust the firmness by adding or removing air. The strong fabric makes self-inflating hiking mats a good knockabout alternative to basic air pads.

Closed-cell hiking mats are another good Anaconda alternative. These pads are very popular with backpackers and hikers on the move. Closed-cell hiking mats are made from dense foam filled with tiny enclosed air cells. These mats are lightweight, durable, and provide good insulation. With a closed-cell hiking mat you don't need to worry about punctures or damage. Large closed-cell hiking mats can also be used to make a comfortable seating or gathering place inside or outside the tent, so you can kick back and enjoy the view.

Mountain Designs Comfort 10 Sleeping Mat: Take camping relaxation and comfort to the next level with this premium product from Mountain Designs. This mat features a luxurious stretch-top fabric over 10cm thick foam distributed in a grid system for preventing heat loss. Heat welded seam construction ensures this mat is airtight. The Comfort 10 is self-inflating, with an extra-large valve for a fast set up.

Mountain Designs Airlite 9 Sleeping Mat: This full size hiking mat weighs only 1.2kg and is conveniently stored in its own stuff sack. Made with soft stretch polyester top fabric and a durable Ripstop nylon base, this mat provides long term durability for serious hikers. Comfort and support is achieved with the traditional baffling system, plus heat welded airtight seams for extra integrity.

BlackWolf Mega Deluxe Double Mat: This hiking mat is the ultimate choice for two-person camping comfort. The mat provides 10cm of soft padding and strong insulation, and is made from poly/cotton micro-stretch fabric for a luxuriant feel. This mat also includes Velcro strips for joining 2 mats together, plus a non-slip base and waterproof pump sack.

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat: Fine tune your hiking experience with this mat that includes two high resolution cell layers that can be pressurised independently for ultimate flexibility and comfort. This mat is ideal for setup on uneven or bumpy terrain, creating a firm lower barrier against the ground, while the top layer remains soft and plush for a perfect night's sleep.

The extensive range of hiking mats available at Anaconda online or in-store is unbeatable. We offer the widest variety of hiking mats from premium product manufacturers, allowing us to offer great deals and pass the savings on to you.



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