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Explore cities with specially designed urban bicycles from Anaconda. Discover city bikes and e-bikes online & in-store from Anaconda’ range of urban bikes.

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Explore Your City In Comfort & Style With Urban Bikes From Anaconda

Urban bikes, commuter bikes and hybrid bikes are cool alternatives to road bikes and mountain bikes. Discover men's and women's commuter bikes, folding bikes, e-bikes and other cruiser bikes and city bike options. Featuring comfy handlebars and strong disc brakes Anaconda's range of urban bikes are manufactured with tough but lightweight frame material, plus hydraulic disc brakes and strong drivetrain for optimum pedal power. Anaconda urban bikes are a great addition to the full bicycle selection that includes electric bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, triathlon bikes, BMX bikes and touring bikes. Anaconda partners with premium manufacturers such as Fluid and Shimano to deliver you the highest quality bicycles for the best available price.

Urban Bikes FAQs

What are urban bikes?

Urban bicycles are essentially bikes that can be used in cities as a means of commuting. They're designed to be used on harder surfaces like urban roads, and feature flat-style handlebars with an upright seating position. They typically have a sturdy build that allows them to withstand the challenges of an urban environment. Sub-styles of urban bikes include city bikes and hybrid bikes.

What are the benefits of urban bikes?

The benefits of using an urban bike are numerous. Riding an urban bicycle around your city or hometown is great for your health and the environment! Urban bikes have many great features to make your inner-city cycling experience comfortable and easy. Key benefits include their durable construction and saddles designed for city comfort. At Anaconda you can also find urban e-bikes to make your commute a breeze! With a range of gear speeds, e-bikes also include built-in batteries and a motor to get you to your destination faster and with less effort than a conventional bicycle.

How to choose the best urban bike

As with all bikes, make sure that you are comfortable on your bike and it suits your height and weight. Your position at the wheel will depend on the style of the handlebars - some bikes allow you to sit upright and enjoy the view around you, while others are such that you bend across the handlebars to get more speed. Bikes that are used around town may need to carry shopping, toddlers or child seats, so make sure your bike is equipped to take these items if needed.

Shop Urban Bikes & Cycling Gear With Anaconda

Urban bikes are a great way to explore built up environments, commute to work and travel from A to B in cities and towns. At Anaconda you can find urban bikes designed to withstand the rigours of cityscapes, as well as motorised e-bikes and hybrid designs that take the hard work out of travelling long distances via bicycle. Explore the complete range of bikes at Anaconda to find the perfect fit for your whole family. You can also accessorise your bikes with gear like bike racks, carriers & storage, essential spare parts and more from our comprehensive cycling range. And don't forget the all-important bike helmets to ensure everyone's safety and protection! Shop everything cycling with Anaconda online to enjoy the perks of convenient home delivery or click & collect for your order. You can also check out the range of urban bikes and cycling gear at your local Anaconda store.



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