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Discover The Amazing Range Of Fluid Bikes At Anaconda

The range of Fluid bikes and bike accessories available at Anaconda is extensive. Available styles include mountain bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes, heritage bikes, cruisers, comfort bikes and E-bikes for every type of rider experience.

Fluid Mountain Bikes

Fluid mountain bikes are built sturdily and fitted with components from world-leading cycle manufacturers. The Fluid Momentum Men's Mountain Bike includes Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, strong front suspension, smooth drivetrain, Tektro brake levers, a lockout fork, 27-speed Shimano gears, off-road tyres and a lightweight but tough alloy frame. Weighing only 15.5kg, this mountain bike is easily lifted onto vehicle bike racks to get you to your favourite mountain fast.

Fluid Commuter Bikes

Getting from A to B is comfortable and safe with commuter bikes like the Fluid Sprint 1.0 Women's Commuter Bike. Impressive components include Shimano/Tourney shift levers, Shimano/Tourney derailleur and high-quality Fluid disc brakes, rims and hub. Hard-wearing hybrid road tyres provide long-lasting appeal for biking on roads, pathways and firm trails. The best Fluid bikes come with a lifetime fault warranty on the bike frame and 12-month warranty on bike components.

Fluid Folding Bikes

Weighing just over 12kg, the Fluid Traveller 11 Alloy Folding Bike is a commuter's dream, available at Anaconda. Why battle against peak hour traffic when you can quickly fold your Fluid bike and ride a train closer to your destination. This folding bike is a great option for inner-city apartment dwellers and other people with limited storage space. Featuring the best Shimano and Fluid components, 7-gear derailleur operation, stainless steel spokes and adjustable adult rider height from 145cm - 195cm, this folding bike could be the option for you.

Fluid Cruiser Bikes

Another great addition to the Anaconda cycle range, cruiser bikes are purpose-designed and built for a comfortable and relaxing ride. Every feature is designed for comfortable cruising, from the wide seat to the 7-speed Shimano Tourney gears and steel series frame. The double-walled rims, large wheel size, machined brake surface, stainless steel spokes and smooth drivetrain provide a comfortable cruising ride on all bike-friendly surfaces.

Fluid E-Bikes

Fluid innovations include quality E-bikes with long-lasting battery power. The Fluid Traveller Volt Folding E-Bike is the smart alternative to puffing, panting or pushing your bike up steep hills. With speeds up to 25km/h and a range of up to 60km, this Fluid bike is an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-guzzling automobiles. Folding bike convenience makes this E-bike perfect for taking on public transport to your chosen destination for work or pleasure. Take advantage of special Anaconda E-bike deals and get moving with the times.

Fluid Bike Accessories

The best manufacturers supply quality bike accessories for personalising the riding experience, and Fluid is no exception. Anaconda stocks a wide range of bike accessories for Fluid bikes and other quality bikes. Options include strong bicycle helmets that meet on-road laws as well as mountain bike, BMX and off-road safety standards. Anaconda biking accessories include Fluid bike racks, gloves, bicycle pumps, Fluid bike light sets for on-road safety and even stylish Fluid bike trainers for the perfect kid's bike.

Your Fluid mountain bike, road bike, kid's bike, E-bike, folding bike or BMX bike can be easily maintained using a Fluid Multi-tool. Running repairs to your front suspension, disk brakes, pannier bags or drivetrain is made easy with Fluid bikes. Remember to secure your Fluid bike with a strong Fluid D-Lock that will keep your ride safe while you explore the area on foot. Anaconda proudly supports premier Australian brands with a reputation for excellence, and Fluid is a highly regarded company on the move with innovative ideas, quality manufacturing, and Anaconda prices that can't be beat.

Fluid Bikes FAQs

Which type of bicycle helmet is best for a bike?

For optimal safety while biking, choose a well-fitted and certified bicycle helmet designed for your specific riding style. Look for helmets with the appropriate safety standards, offering protection against impacts and rotational forces. Ensure a snug fit and consider features like ventilation for comfort. Ultimately, prioritise safety over style when selecting a bicycle helmet.

Is it illegal to ride a bike without a bicycle helmet in Australia?

Yes, it is generally mandatory to wear a bicycle helmet while riding in Australia. Helmet laws vary by state and territory, but most have regulations requiring cyclists to wear approved helmets. Failing to do so can result in fines. It's essential to check and comply with the specific helmet laws in your jurisdiction to ensure legal and safe cycling.

How do you install a fluid bike rack?

To install a fluid bike rack, first, position the rack on your vehicle's trunk or hatch. Adjust the rock's arms and straps to fit securely. Ensure all contact points are clean. Attach the upper and lower hooks, tightening straps for stability. Check for a snug fit and test the rack's stability before loading your bikes. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific details.

How fast does the fluid E-bike go?

The speed of a fluid E-bike depends on the specific model and its motor power. Generally, E-bikes can reach speeds between 20 to 28 mph (32 to 45 km/h) with electric assistance. Legal regulations and motor power limitations may affect the top speed. Refer to the manufacturer's specifications for accurate information on the speed capabilities of a particular fluid E-bike model.

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