Wire Line Trace

When fishing for pike or other toothy snappers, prevent the fish from biting through your fishing line or lure by attaching wire traces to the end of your line. At Anaconda, choose from different lengths and weights of pre-made wire trace, all fitted with the strongest rolling swivel to black Nylon coated seven strand wire, and crimped to crosslock snap for easy lure attachment. Find the best wire trace to suit your preferred catch and fishing conditions

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Can I purchase wire line traces at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. When fishing for fish with impressive sets of teeth, such as pike, using your fishing line alone will not suffice, as these species will make short work of ordinary and even braided fishing line. For this reason, wire line traces are commonly used when these species of fish are in the water. Even if you are hoping to catch other species, pike may still come and take your bait or lure if they inhabit the same area.

Care for your fish

Using a wire trace when either lure or bait fishing also demonstrates that you care about the fish you are trying to catch. By just simply tying your hooks or lure directly on to a monofilament line, species such as pike and zander will be able to cut straight through it. This means you will lose your bait or lure, but the fish, probably not able to shed the hooks, will suffer as a result and possibly even die as it may not be able to continue feeding due to the obstruction in its mouth or throat.

About Halco Supa Snap Traces

The Supa Snap Traces from Halco are the ideal way to prevent bite-offs from any size of toothy critters. The Supa Snap Traces are made from genuine Halco crosslock snaps and rolling swivels, and are crimped to black nylon-coated 7-strand wire, keeping them delicate yet robust. This black nylon-coated 7-strand stainless steel wire is sealed from water, increasing the lifespan of the line and providing additional protection against sharp-teethed fish. The strong rolling swivel on Halco Supa Snap Traces can easily be attached to either monofilament or braid line. The Crosslock Snap is ideal for rapid lure change, eliminating the need to spend valuable time tying new knots, and increasing your chance of hooking up. Halco Supa Snap Traces are flexible yet super strong, handling any trolling speed. Don't lose your lures to a shark or mackerel! These Supa Snap Traces are ideal for trolling with lures offshore targeting prized game fish.

Supa Snap Traces as stocked here at Anaconda are 11 inches (28cm) long and come in a range of breaking strains starting from 20lb. 6 per pack.

Does Anaconda sell other fishing gear too?

Yes, the Anaconda fishing collection is huge and covers all types of fishing from a gentle afternoon's fishing along a stream to big game fishing from boats. And everything in-between. Here you will find all types of reels, rods, line, lure, bait, and all other associated materials, equipment and accessories used by fishermen. Browse our full range today to see the large range of products on offer.



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