Rolling Luggage

Make your next trip easier and choose one of our rolling luggage options here at Anaconda! Check our array of rolling luggage and pick one for you now!

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Can I purchase rolling luggage at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. We have a wide range of rolling luggage here at Anaconda, for all your travelling needs. With their innovative design, impressive features and all at our fabulously low prices, we are confident that you will find the suitcase that you desire. Shop for famous brands such as Deuter, Blackwolf, Denali and Antler, online or in store today, and ramp up your next travel adventure.

What design features can I expect from the rolling luggage selection at Anaconda?

Our rolling luggage collection here at Anaconda aims to provide you with the perfect case to fit your travelling needs. We have a vast selection of luggage items here at Anaconda, and your choice depends on you. Whether you are a frequent traveller or it's just for that once in a lifetime trip, we have the rolling luggage that will help you get through the airport with no delays.

Our luggage comes equipped with a range of different wheels to suit your personal needs. For example, some of our rolling luggage range offers wheels that rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to pull your case along multiple terrains, manoeuvre your case in tight spaces and they are considered to be easier to handle, regardless of your luggage size and weight. Other items are labelled as being 4WD wheels, these suitable for all terrains, and these will consistently allow for ease of movement.

All of our extensive collection of rolling luggage here at Anaconda has been made with the traveller in mind, including innovative design features that aim to maximise storage capacity and help to assure the protection of your items. For example, a lot of our rolling luggage items are equipped with lockable zippers, allowing that extra sense of safety and security by helping to prevent theft of your personal belongings. Some of our rolling luggage collection also includes international mesh and packing straps which offer further protection and support for your items. Our range of rolling luggage also contain lots of space saving features such as front pockets, perfect for storing travel documents, and retractable handles.

Does your luggage comply with airline cabin baggage requirements?

Take short breaks in style with our collection of rolling cabin baggage here at Anaconda, with high-quality items at affordable prices. Airline size requirements for cabin luggage can vary, and you should check size allowances with your airline before flying. Some airlines may charge extra if your cabin bag breaches their required dimensions, and. Or they may ask you to place your cabin baggage in the hold. You should also check the weight allowance from your airline, as exceeding this can also result in charges. Browse our range of rolling cabin baggage above and check the size of the item before purchase.

Should I choose a soft shell design or a hard shell?

All of our suitcases have been designed to improve your travel experience, and a soft shell or a hard shell is based entirely on personal preference. Whether you prefer a light and spacious soft cover, saving that precious weight allowance for extra luggage, or a sturdy and protective hard cover that will provide extra protection for your valuable personal items, shop our amazing collection of rolling luggage today.



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