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One of the most boring parts of a camping trip is the packing - until now. Packing cubes are useful for camping as they help organise and compress your gear, maximising space in your backpack. They also keep items easily accessible, making it simpler to locate essentials like clothing, toiletries and other necessities during your outdoor adventures.

Featuring some of the most well-known brands in the industry such as Mountain Designs and Denali, our awesome range of packing cubes are an essential travel companion that will revolutionise the way you pack for your next outdoor adventure. With their efficient organisational system, they streamline your camping experience, ensuring your gear remains neatly sorted and easily accessible. Save time and effort while maximising space in your backpack, so you can focus on the joys of the great outdoors.

Packing Cubes FAQs

What is a packing cube?

A packing cube is a small, lightweight bag typically made of fabric, often in a rectangular shape with a zippered closure, designed to help organise and compress clothing and other travel essentials within luggage. Travellers use packing cubes to compartmentalise their belongings, making it easier to find and access items during their trip.

How to use a packing cube?

To use a packing cube, roll or fold clothes, then place them inside the cube, maximising space and weight distribution. Zip up the packing cube securely before placing it in your luggage. Upon reaching your destination, remove the cube for easy unpacking and organisation. Packing cubes simplify packing, protect clothes and optimise luggage space.

Are packing cubes good for packing in a suitcase, hiking pack or duffle bag?

Yes, packing cubes are highly beneficial for packing in any type of bag or luggage. They streamline the packing process, organise belongings and optimise luggage space. They help prevent wrinkles, reduce clutter and make items easily accessible during travel. Packing cubes also protect clothing from spills and compression, making them an essential tool for efficient and organised travel packing.

Is it better to roll or fold in packing cubes?

Both rolling and folding have their advantages. Rolling saves space, minimises wrinkles and makes items easily accessible, while folding works well for bulkier items and maintains their original shape. Depending on the type of clothing and the packing cube's size, either method can be effective for maximising space and organisation.

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