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A life jacket or PFD is essential for any fishing journey. Shop quality fishing life jackets that adhere to Australia standards at Anaconda.

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If you are rock fishing, kayak fishing, or simply enjoying a day on the water, Anaconda's fishing life jackets are priced just right for establishing safety and awareness while on the water. Available products include fishing life jackets, fishing vests and other high quality fishing safety equipment designed to meet Australian standards. We stock manual inflatable fishing life jackets for kids and adults, flotation devices and even dog PFDs so everyone can find the right safety fit. Explore quality fishing life jackets from leading brands like Marlin in-store and online today at Anaconda.

What Should I Look For When Finding The Best Fishing Life Jacket?

  • Low-Bulk Design: Look for a life jacket that has flotation panels in the front and back, while offering a low-bulk design around the shoulders, neck and sides. Having minimum bulk and fabric toward the top and sides of the life jacket will allow your arms to move more freely, which is important when casting.
  • Pockets & Gear Loops: Life jackets designed for fishing often have zip pockets and gear loops. Pockets are useful for holding lures, flies, pliers and other fishing tools to make sure you have them to hand when needed. You can also store a whistle and small flashlight in a pocket for safety. Gear loops work in much the same way, allowing you to attach gear to the outside of your life jacket.
  • Panel Positioning: Look for breathable, mesh panels in the design of your life jacket if you plan to go fishing in hot and humid conditions. If you are planning to go kayak fishing, make sure you look for a life jacket with a high back panel. The back panel of a kayaking life jacket sits just above the kayak for maximum comfort.
  • Inflatable Design: Using an inflatable PFD rather than one that is inherently buoyant is one way to keep bulk at a minimum. Inflatable PFDs are designed to be inflated only once you find yourself overboard, usually by pulling a special tab, located at the front of the PDF. Inflatable life jackets, which are designed for adult use only, are best used in calm waters rather than in fast-moving rivers or streams. Children should never be fitted with Inflatable PDFs.
  • Colour: While many life jackets are designed in bright colours or with reflective panels or strips, some fishermen feel that this is a drawback when it comes to attracting fish, as the bright colours or sun reflecting of the high-vis areas may startle their catch. Luckily, there are fishing life jackets in more muted colours as well as several that have a camouflage design, so if you want to trade the safety aspect for a more inconspicuous appearance, the option is there for you.

Fishing Life Jackets FAQs

What's the best rock fishing life jacket?

Choose a compact fishing life jacket design that will give you the maximum amount of movement. When rock fishing, life jackets must be a 'Level 50S' life jacket or greater, with a good fit and worn correctly. Any children under your supervision should be wearing a life jacket of the correct rating (check the mandatory standards for your Australian state) even if they are not fishing.

What kayak fishing life jacket should I choose?

If you're a keen kayak fisherperson, look for a life jacket with a high back panel that sits just above the kayak for maximum comfort. As with any PFD or life jacket, check the mandatory safety regulations for your state or territory.


Nothing's more important than the safety of you and your family around the water. At Anancofa you can find a huge range of life jackets, including boating life jackets, water skiing life jackets and kids' life jackets. No matter which life jacket or PFD you end up choosing, make sure that you have the correct fit, know how to operate it in an emergency and if possible, have tested it in calm or shallow water. Always make sure you are wearing your life jacket or have it close at hand.

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