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Common Questions About Hiking Shoes For Kids Answered

Hiking is not only a fun hobby for adults, because this is an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Of course, the entire family will require some suitable hiking shoes for this activity, this means you will have to shop for some hiking shoes for your kids.

At Anaconda, we regularly get some questions from parents who want to ensure they are getting the right hiking boots for their kids. We also get additional questions about their use. If you have some questions about hiking shoes for kids, be sure to check out the answers to the common questions below.

Should My Child Break In New Hiking Shoes?

Brand-new hiking shoes should always be broken in, especially before heading for a longer hike. Not breaking in new hiking shoes could cause problems such as blisters and chafing, so have you child run around in their new shoes for a little while beforehand.

Certain materials are easier to break in than others though. Leather tends to be one of the hardest, while synthetic materials are easier to break in. Still, if you spend some time breaking in the shoes beforehand, both materials are extremely suitable for hiking.

How Deep Should The Thread On Hiking Boots Be?

The deepest thread is not always the best thread for hiking shoes, this is something that most experienced hikers already know. So, how deep should the thread be to provide proper traction during a hike?

To get hiking shoes with premium traction, you must consider the environment you will be hiking in. Deeper threads tend to be better when it comes to more slippery environments such as mud and/or water. However, if you want a better all-rounder, have a look at hiking shoes with medium thread.

Do My Child's Hiking Shoes Need To Be Waterproof?

When you look at the current range of hiking shoes, you will notice that many will be made with a waterproof material. A popular waterproof material is Gore-Tex, which is also a patented material used in a variety of other footwear.

Getting hiking shoes with a waterproof material can be beneficial when hiking in wet environments. However, waterproof materials are less suitable when temperatures get warmer. These materials can be less breathable and could hold onto more sweat. So, you must choose your children's hiking shoes based on the time of year and the environment you will be hiking in.

Should I Choose Leather Hiking Shoes Or Synthetic Hiking Shoes?

Since leather and synthetic material both have lots of benefits, many parents wonder which is the best material? Still, the answer depends on the properties you are looking for. Below, we have listed the benefits of each, so you can make a more informed decision.

Leather - This is the strongest material out of both options. It is quite suitable for rougher terrains because of its natural abrasion resistance. However, leather tends to be heavier and can be more expensive.

Synthetic - A synthetic material is usually more affordable, but less strong than leather. On the other hand, synthetic hiking shoes tend to be easier and faster to break in than their leather counterpart. They are also lighter, which means you expend less energy when wearing these kinds of hiking shoes.

How Do I Maintain My Children's Hiking Shoes?

The maintenance of your children's hiking shoes will be the same of your own. You should always clean the hiking shoes after every hike, this includes the removal of dirt and grime. If you have leather hiking shoes, you should also add a special leather treatment at the end, this ensures that the waterproof layer stays intact.

When your child's hiking shoes get wet, it is important not to dry them near a source of heat. If the heat is too intense, it may cause damage to the soles of the hiking shoes, this because it can loosen up the glue. Let the shoes dry naturally and remove the insole. You can also speed up the drying process by sticking some newspaper in the inside of the shoes.

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