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Havaianas thongs have been made since 1962, when the first pair was created, inspired by traditional Japanese sandals known as Zori. Celebrating an ingenious fusion of Brazilian joy and Japanese inspiration, Havaianas thongs continue to be popular around the world. With a unique style made from high-quality materials, Havaianas flip flops will keep your feet comfortable and cool during summer no matter where you wear them.

Why Choose Havaianas Thongs At Anaconda?

The texture of Havaianas rubber soles is like rice grains, one of the many details that make Havaianas unmistakable. The popular thongs are now available globally with the collection being updated annually. Here at Anaconda, you can choose from a vast range of Havaianas for men, women and kids, in different sizes, widths and colours to suit your style. In sizes ranging from 23 right up to 46, there are Havaianas for just about everyone.

Our range of kid's Havaianas are perfect for keeping your kid's feet cool and comfy when the Aussie weather turns up the heat. For example, our Havaianas Kid's Hero Max Thongs have the Havaianas signature textured footprint for comfort and grip, and have a cool Batman design that kids love. Our men's Havaianas flip flops, like our Havaianas Men's Nautical Thongs, are made from premium Brazilian rubber that is flexible and super comfy to wear.

Havaianas FAQs

What is special about Havaianas?

Apart from being extremely stylish and comfy, the main factor that makes Havaianas thongs so special is the EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) material they are made from, which is their own signature (and secret) mixture of rubbers that make Havaianas what they are.

Why are Havaianas flip-flops so popular?

Back when Havaianas thongs were first invented 61 years ago, they quickly became popular in Brazil due to their low price and simplistic style. But since then, however, Havaianas flip flops expanded throughout the globe, especially in hot countries like Australia where wearing enclosed shoes is a guaranteed way to get sweaty feet.

Is Havaianas Australian?

No, the Havaianas brand is not Australian. As mentioned before, the Havaianas brand was first started in Brazil back in 1962. However, with their signature design inspired by traditional Japanese sandals made from woven rice straw and cloth wraps, Havaianas thongs have become incredibly popular throughout Australia for decades.

How do I know my Havaianas size?

The easiest way to know your Havaianas size is to simply measure your foot. Start by measuring diagonally in centimetres from your big toe to the centre of your heel. Now go to our sizing chart which is located on each Havaianas thongs product and select your measurement size under the CM section to get the most accurate size for you.

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