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Anaconda's range of kids sandals and thongs includes many footwear options ideal for summertime. Browse the entire collection of kids' footwear at Anaconda!

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Can I purchase kids sandals and thongs at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Anaconda offers a large range of kids sandals and thongs for kids of all ages, with different colours and styles suitable for boys and girls. Sandals are available with different features such as profile soles for extra grip, toggle laces that will adjust to the width of the feet, Velcro closures that are easier to tackle for little fingers, and more.

What should I consider when buying kids sandals?

As with all footwear for kids, a good fit is the most important. Little feet grow constantly and you need to check on a regular basis if your kids have not outgrown their footwear, as this can damage the development of their feet. When it comes to sandals, you can choose between open-toed and closed-toed models. Open-toed sandals generally don't offer much foot protection to early walkers, so for little ones, who are apt to stumble and bump into things, you may want to opt for closed-toe sandals. With closed-toe sandals, it is important to ensure there is ample space so that the foot is not constrained, or too loose so the sandal may fall off during activities such as running and playing. Sandals made with canvas or pliable leather allow the footwear to mould to the child's foot for a good fit.

Why should I buy kids sandals at Anaconda?

At Anaconda, you can find kid's sandals and thongs in a vast range of sizes, styles and colours, at affordable prices, all from the comfort of your home when you browse the website. Kids often do not enjoy the process of buying new shoes, and are apt to tire easily when having to visit shoe shops. When buying at Anaconda, you can select a few types of sandals that you think are appropriate, and let your child choose from those options, making the shoe buying process a lot less stressful.

How can I save money on kid's sandals?

Everyone knows that because kids keep growing, their footwear has to be replaced regularly. When you sign up as a member of the Anaconda Adventure Club, you will get a number of benefits including exclusive Club discounts on certain products (see special Club prices listed on the kids sandals and thongs page) which can save you money on a vast selection of items including kids footwear, clothing and more. So why not register today? It is free and instant, so you can start to benefit from your discounts immediately.

Does Anaconda offer other kids footwear too?

Yes, Anaconda offers kids footwear for all types of weather and different activities, including snow boots, gumboots, running shoes, casual shoes, training and walking shoes and team sports footwear, so have a look through our collection of kids footwear today to find stylish and practical kids footwear at Anaconda.



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