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Our water ski & jet ski life jackets are essential to stay safe in extreme activities in the water! Shop Anaconda's life jackets, vests & PFDs today!

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Can I purchase water skiing life jackets at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Make sure you are protected and safe on the water with one of our specially designed water skiing life jackets. Specially designed to withstand the conditions the high-speed activity you're involved in, these life jackets still allow you enough comfort and freedom of movement to enjoy your ride!

What should I look for when choosing a water skiing life jacket?

If you enjoy water sports such as wakeboarding, jet skiing, or water skiing, it's essential to have the right safety gear - water can be dangerous, after all. Not all life vests are the same, though and a sailing life jacket might not be the best choice for jet skiing or kite boarding.

A life jacket is designed to literally save your life, and is the most important piece of equipment you wear during any towed water sport. Not only will it keep you on the surface of the water, but it can protect your body from heavy crashes that could otherwise break ribs or damage vital organs. Today's life jacket options are comfortable and snug-fitting, yet still allow for maximum body movement to enjoy the sport you love.

The most important issue when choosing a life jacket

While it could be argued that wearing a badly fitting life jacket is better than not wearing a life jacket at all, when travelling at high speeds through the water, having a well-fitting life jacket may literally mean the difference between life and death. Each life jacket is cut differently, so it is a very good idea to try on multiple designs and models to find your ideal fit.

Your life jacket needs to be snug. So snug, in fact, that a properly fitted jacket might feel a little uncomfortable when you first put it on. Remember that most life jackets tend to loosen up by 10 to 15 percent when wet, so always opt for a tight fit, as your life jacket won't do much good if it shifts up over your head on your first fall in the water.

Different methods of fastening your life jacket

How you put on the lifejacket is another factor to consider. The two primary methods include pull-overs, where you pull the vest down over your head, similar to a t-shirt. The other method is a zipper/buckle option, where you have an access point either in the front or back of the lifejacket that has a zipper or buckles. The option you choose is mainly down to personal preference.

How do I maintain my life jacket?

It is vital that your life jacket is in top condition when it is eventually needed, even if you have not had to use it for many months or years, so checking your life jacket, maintaining it and making sure that all the components are in top condition, is paramount. Visual checks are recommended on a monthly basis, including checking the webbing and the stitching that holds the webbing together. Lifejackets with a coloured thread that strongly contrasts with the webbing, make it much easier to spot worn stitching. Also check zips, buckles and other fastenings. Check the manufacturer's advice and if you prefer, arrange for an annual inspection during the winter to make sure you are fit for next season.



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