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In Anaconda, our hiking pack range are for serious adventurers who loves the great outdoors. Try our branded hiking backpacks like Denali, BlackWolf and more!

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Can I purchase hiking packs at Anaconda?

Yes, our hiking pack range are for serious adventurers who appreciate the great outdoors. We support the best brands, including Denali, BlackWolf and Deuter for maximum comfort, enhanced balance, and superior resistance to changeable weather conditions no matter where your destination. The days of backbreaking hiking packs are long gone thanks to dedicated manufacture using lightweight frames, waterproof materials, strengthened seams and adjustable components. Whether you are hiking in the Himalayas or simply slinging the pack over your shoulder from the shuttle bus to the reception desk, our hiking packs perform with style.

What are the benefits of a hiking pack?

Hiking packs are top of the line back packs for outdoor people who can't risk tearing, breakages, weather damaged gear or losses due to invasive pests and other animals. Hiking packs are essential safety-first components of a successful journey, and allow serious hikers to continue on day after day without negatively affecting physical well-being. When other hikers fall by the wayside due to inappropriate hiking gear, Anaconda customers keep on moving onward and upward in comfort.

What materials are used to make hiking packs?

Hiking packs designed by top-line manufacturers are made with durable, lightweight, high-performance materials that include waterproof elements. Innovative Deuter-Duratex, for example, is so durable that Deuter hiking packs come with a lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship, excluding zippers. BlackWolf hiking packs also come with a lifetime warranty thanks to their own special Ultra Ripstop and Mini Ripstop materials manufacture, while Denali hiking packs utilise Heavy Duty Ripstop Polyester ideal for hiking, trekking or general travel.

What are the features of a good hiking pack?

Experienced hikers appreciate the workmanship and versatility of quality hiking packs. A good hiking pack will support posture without weighing you down, allowing you to stop and enjoy the scenery without the need to discard the pack. Quality hiking packs are all-weather essentials that provide superior comfort and enhanced trekking pleasure. Whether it's your first time on the trail or you are a seasoned professional, there are some features that are indispensable for a comfortable, successful hike. Features to consider include:

  • Adjustable, lightweight frame for even weight distribution
  • Easy-access openings and pockets, even while on the move
  • Concealed internal compartments for storing valuables
  • Detachable rain cover to keep everything warm and dry
  • Additional compartment for wet laundry items
  • Double-layered base to resist wear and tear
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and other supports

Are there different kinds of hiking packs available?

The Anaconda hiking pack range has something for everyone, from beginner hikers to professional orienteers. An instantly recognisable feature of dedicated hiking packs is the modern, slim appearance - great for negotiating tight spaces and retaining correct posture and balance. Alternative designs are also available, suitable for day trips, shopping excursions, school or office, and even as a gym bag for storing all essentials. Military inspired rucksacks with camouflage design print are another alternative warranting serious consideration for outdoors types who want to blend in with their surroundings.

Do hiking packs come in a range of colours?

They certainly do. The opportunity to personalise hiking style is on show at Anaconda, with single-colour, two-tone and camouflage options all available in a variety of styles for both women and men. The Deuter Aircontact Hiking Pack, for example, is available in attractive tones of blue, green, metallic-grey, earthy-brown and classic black, with colours combined to create attractive appeal during every step of your outdoor adventure.



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