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Our range of hiking packs and backpacking bags are for serious adventurers who appreciate the great outdoors. We stock the best outdoor brands, including Blackwolf, Denali and Mountain Designs when it comes to maximum comfort, enhanced balance, and superior resistance to changeable weather conditions no matter where your destination is. The days of backbreaking hiking packs, heavy duffle bags and unwieldy swags are long gone thanks to dedicated manufacture using ultralight frames, waterproof materials, strengthened seams and adjustable components. Whether you are hiking in the Himalayas or taking on your local hiking trail, our hiking packs and trekking backpacks perform with style. The Anaconda hiking pack range has something for everyone, from beginner hikers to professional mountaineers.

Discover the Benefits of a Quality Hiking Pack

The best hiking packs and travel backpacks are for outdoor adventure people and serious hikers who can't risk tearing, breakages, damage or losses due to invasive pests and other animals. Hiking packs are essential safety-first components of a successful journey, and allow serious hikers to continue day after day. Top-rated hiking packs also incorporate hydration pack attachments, a rain cover, a dry bag compartment, handy zippers, adjustable shoulder straps, insect protection and other built-in features. Anaconda gear is the first choice for trail running, trekking, mountaineering and adventure sports, and if you require a daypack, hiking backpack or hydration pack that can handle Australian conditions, look no further than Anaconda, online or in-store. When other hikers, campers and mountaineers fall by the wayside due to inappropriate hiking gear, Anaconda customers keep on moving onward and upward in comfort.

Hiking Packs FAQs

What materials are used to make hiking packs?

Hiking packs and other equipment designed by top-line manufacturers are made with durable, lightweight, high-performance materials that include waterproof elements.

What are the features of a good hiking pack?

Experienced hikers appreciate the workmanship and versatility of quality hiking packs for day hikes, trail running and outdoor adventures. Quality hiking packs are all-weather trekking essentials that provide superior comfort and enhanced hiking pleasure. Whether it's your first time backpacking on the trail or you are a seasoned professional, there are some features of quality hiking packs, hydration packs and daypacks that are indispensable for a comfortable, successful hike. Features to consider include:

  • Adjustable, ultralight backpack frame for even weight distribution
  • Easy-access zippers and pockets, even while on the move
  • Concealed internal travel pack compartments for storing valuables
  • Detachable rain cover to keep everything warm and dry
  • Additional compartment for wet laundry and toiletry items
  • Double-layered travel backpack base to resist wear and tear
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and other supports

How to fit a hiking pack?

Our packs and bags buying guide has comprehensive information on how to properly fit your hiking pack. Ensuring a proper fit is very important to ensure comfort and injury prevention.

What is a hybrid hiking pack?

A hybrid hiking pack means that the pack can be used on your back for hiking but also includes multi-use handles for use as a duffle bag or travel bag. These are a great versatile option for travel.

What are some popular hiking packs to consider?

Here are some of the top-selling hiking packs that won't disappoint you:

  • Denali 65L Trek Hike Pack: The full 65L capacity is great for heavy hikers needing the most room they can carry for the toughest of hikes. Compression straps, hydration compatibility and multiple compartments are many reasons why the Trek Hike range is now a loved classic.
  • Mountain Designs Explorer 75L Hiking Pack: A multi-functional pack, the Mountain Designs Explorer 75L Hiking Pack has a hybrid design that is suitable for both hiking and travel adventures.
  • Denali Vallo 45L Hike Pack: Durable, lightweight and jam-packed with features to ease your hiking and outdoor adventures. Made from heavy-duty polyester, this hiking pack also features hiking pole attachments and a rain cover to protect your gear from mist and moisture.

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Complete your camping and hiking gear set-up by selecting your ideal hiking tents, hiking mats, hiking shoes, trekking poles, first aid gear and everything else you will require for an unbeatable outdoor adventure. Protect your belongings from the elements while you're on the trail with the right trekking pack from leading brands. Discover more great tips and ideas on the Adventure Centre and take your hiking to the next level. Some articles you may enjoy include: The Ultimate Checklist For Hiking Essentials and Australia's Most Exciting Winter Hiking Trails. Anaconda is your one-stop adventure retailer, being the destination for all your equipment needs. Trust Anaconda for your hiking pack needs and embark on your next expedition with confidence.



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