Does Anaconda offer lay-by to customers?

Lay-by is available in most Anaconda Stores. Confirm availability in your local store.

Does Anaconda offer lay-by to customers who purchase online?

Lay-by is not currently available to customers who purchase goods online.

How do I arrange a lay-by in Anaconda stores?

Once you have chosen the goods you wish to lay-by, you can take them to any register where our team members will assist you to complete a Lay-by agreement. At this stage you will be provided with the lay-by terms and conditions and your items will be packed and stored safely in our lay-by holding area.

Can I lay-by items that are on promotion?

Yes, items on promotion can be placed on lay-by at the promotional price.

How do I make payments on my lay-by?

Lay-by payments can be made in person at a Anaconda store. You can only make payments in the store where the lay-by was commenced. Final payment is to be made in person in the store the lay-by was commenced where your goods will be made available to you.

What are the terms and conditions associated with my lay-by agreement?
  1. Exclusions: Lay-by is not available for online purchases or purchases under $100. Lay-by is not available for all products or purchases. For the avoidance of doubt, the purchase of camper-trailers, boat motor trailer packages, Gulf Runner boats and rooftop tents cannot be made via lay-by and these T&Cs do not apply to the purchase of camper-trailers or rooftop tents.
  2. Deposit: At least 20% of the purchase price is required as an initial deposit.
  3. Instalments: Not more than 14 days must elapse between payments.
  4. Term: Lay-bys must be paid for in full and collected within 13 weeks of the date these T&Cs are signed.
  5. Multiple Items: Lay-bys of more than one item cannot be broken, separated or transferred. All items must be paid for in full before collection.
  6. Change of Details: It is the customer's responsibility to notify Anaconda of any changes of address or contact details.
  7. Ownership: Ownership of the items on lay-by will not pass to the customer until the purchase price has been paid in full and these T&Cs are fulfilled.
  8. T&Cs: All receipts in relation to this lay-by purchase form part of these T&Cs.
  9. Cancellation by Customer: The customer may cancel the lay-by at any time before it is finalised. Cancellation by the customer will incur an administration fee of $5 and any applicable Storage Fee (Termination Fee), unless Anaconda is in breach of these T&Cs.
  10. Storage Fees: In the case of kayaks, bikes, stand up paddle boards and other large items, a $20 storage fee is payable on account of the large and bulky nature of the goods.
  11. Termination by Anaconda: Failure to make an instalment or make payment in full as required by these T&Cs constitutes a breach of these T&Cs by the customer. Anaconda may give the customer 14 days written notice of the breach. The notice will be sent to the customer's last known address or email address. If the customer has not made a further payment or finalisation (as the case may be) within 14 days from the date of the notice, Anaconda may terminate these T&Cs. Anaconda may also terminate these T&Cs where it (a) ceases to engage in trade or commence or (b) becomes unable to sell the items on lay-by due to circumstances outside of its control.
  12. Refunds: If these T&Cs are terminated or the customer cancels the lay-by, the refund of deposits and payments minus the Termination Fee will be made in accordance with applicable law. If the customer does not request a refund of any deposit and instalment payments, Anaconda will deal with such moneys in accordance with the applicable laws concerning unclaimed moneys. If monies paid are less than the termination fee, Anaconda may recover the balance from the customer.
  13. Privacy: Any personal information you provide will be managed in accordance with Anaconda's privacy policy.


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