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Browse our collection of overhead rod and reel combos to find your ideal equipment at great everyday prices, and get ready to battle those big fish.

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Overhead Combos at Great Prices

If you're looking to add an overhead rig to complement your spinning tackle or want get into offshore fishing with a strong setup that will last a long time, check out Anaconda's overhead combos. We offer a selection of high performance overhead reels with matching graphite rods that offer great overall balance from Shimano and Penn at great prices.

Overhead Combos for Heavy Lures, Heavy Lines and Big Fish

For big game fish or any sort of heavy lifting, overhead combos are a great choice. With an overhead reel, you can crank as much as you want while a fish is running away with your line without having to worry about your line getting twisted and eventually breaking off like it would with a spinning reel.

Overhead reels, also known as bait casters or conventional reels, have stronger drag systems compared to a lot of spinning reels. Drag systems prevent your line from freely rolling off the reel when you get a bite, and instead lets off the line slowly with constant pressure that you can manually set, which helps to tire out the fish. If you hook a fish that's heavier than what your line is rated for, drag systems also help prevent the line from snapping by slowly letting out the line to compensate for the extra weight of the fish. Here at Anaconda, you can get overhead combos with either lever drag or star drag systems, which are different mechanisms for adjusting drag settings.

Heavy lures and live bait are easier to cast and control with an overhead combo. Since the line rolls directly off the spool in an overhead reel, there is more tension in the line which prevents the lure from tumbling in the air and losing momentum as you're casting. With an overhead reel, you'll get better casting accuracy, and you can drop your lure in places where a spinning reel will have difficulty reaching.

Trolling with Overhead Combos

Overhead rod and reel combos are also the natural choice for trolling or boat fishing, primarily because the rods with the reels on top are better suited to being left in rod holders. And as mentioned earlier, your line won't twist and break when a fish drags your line while your rig is left unattended. When it comes time to reel in a big fish, overhead combos are easier to use with a gimbal. The reels also have bait clickers which sound off whenever you get a bite, which is an invaluable feature when the fishing rod is left in the rod holder.

Overhead reels also have the capacity to hold larger spools of line while still being relatively lightweight and less bulky than equivalent spinning reels. This allows you to let your line out into deeper water and catch fish wherever they are.

Overhead Rods

The fishing rods packaged with our overhead combos are designed specifically for overhead reels. Each overhead rod is matched with the included overhead reel to provide good balance while you're casting bait, trolling or landing fish.

Overhead rods have smaller eyelets or guides for the line to go through, and will also have more guides than a spinning rod. The guides are attached on the top of the backbone in line with the reel.

The rods that come with our overhead combos are also designed to handle heavy lines and big fish. It uses graphite materials that provide great strength and durability, while being very light weight. Overhead rods are also well suited to handling heavy line.



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