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Keep track of time, average speed, heart rate, distance and everything else you need to track with the great range of bike computers at Anaconda. To accurately measure your ride time, speed, trip distance and more, check out our premium range both online and in-store today.

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High-Quality Range of Bike Computers

Anaconda has an unbeatable range of bicycle computers ranging from simple to sophisticated. You can use our cycle computers for a wide range of functions that can include:

  • Speed - a built-in bicycle speedometer to show how fast you're going.
  • Average/maximum speed - can be measured only when the bicycle computer detects movement or for the entire period between starting and stopping the timer.
  • Cadence - how quickly your legs are pedalling/turning the pedals.
  • Maximum cadence - track your maximum cadence for competitive cyclists.
  • Ride time - can be measured only when the wireless bike computer detects movement or for the whole period between starting and stopping.
  • Ride/trip distance - how far you've been and GPS bike computer assistance.
  • Odometer - cycling computer feedback regarding how far you've ridden.

How to Choose a Bike Computer

Today's bike computer technology offers more ride data than ever before. The combination of a smartphone and GPS computer to collect ride data can make sense for any rider, especially for competitive road bike and mountain bike riders who are assisted by cadence sensors, heart rate monitors, speed sensors and other bicycle computer innovations for displaying training peaks and other important information. When choosing a bike computer, consider these important questions:

  • What type of ride data are you wanting to track?
  • Are you happy with a basic model or does it need to contain a GPS for navigation?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a GPS bike computer, head unit, front mount computer or computer bundle?
  • What other functionality is important, such as computer connectivity, speedometer, smartphone connectivity, long battery life, touchscreen etc?

What Other Bikes & Cycle Accessories are Available at Anaconda?

  • Bikes: from mountain bikes and road bikes to urban bikes, BMX bikes and more, our huge range of bikes has everything you need - no matter how you like to ride.
  • Bike racks and storage: we have a huge range of bike racks and storage to make transporting your bike with your car easy and stress-free, from tie downs to roof racks, fitting kits, boot racks and more.
  • Bike accessories: our massive range of bike accessories has everything you need such as durable bike locks, bike lights for increased visibility when riding at night, bottle holders for quick hydration and much more.
  • Bike helmets: with a strong focus on safety and style, our huge range of bike helmets are designed to meet tough Australian safety standards.
  • Bike trainers: wanting to get in some training but stuck indoors? Our range of bike trainers lets you easily fit in a training session whether at home or in the office.
  • Spare parts and repair: make sure you aren't caught out with a flat tyre with our spare parts and repair range including bike pumps, multi tools, puncture repair kits and more.

Find the Right Bike Computer at Anaconda

Whether you need a bike speedometer for competitive cycling, an odometer to track your distance or a GPS to help with navigation, turn to Anaconda for a great range of high-quality bike computers. Thinking of buying a new bike? Make sure you choose the right one by checking out our bike buying guide as well as our guide to choosing the right cycling essentials to ensure you have everything you need.

Shop our entire range of bike computers, speedometers, GPS and odometers online or visit us in-store today.



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