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Keep track of time, average speed, heart rate, distance, and more with a bike computer. The Anaconda range includes Bluetooth and wireless bike computers that provide precise touchscreen ride data for road bikes and mountain bikes. Check out Anaconda's premium range of JetBlack, Cateye and Fluid front mount, rear wheel and handlebar mounted bike computers today.

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Yes, you can. Anaconda has an unbeatable range of bicycle computers ranging from simple to sophisticated. You can use bike computers such as the Garmin Edge 130, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, Cateye Velo, Edge 520 Plus and Strava Live Segments cycle computers for a wide range of functions that can include:

  • Speed - A built in speed sensor to show how fast you're going.
  • Average speed - Can be measured only when the bicycle computer detects movement or for the entire period between starting and stopping the timer.
  • Maximum speed - For gravity-assisted ride data bragging rights.
  • Cadence - How quickly your legs are turning using a computer bundle extra magnet and sensor on the crank.
  • Average cadence for accurate cyclists feedback.
  • Maximum cadence - For bike computer cadence sensor competitive cyclists.
  • Ride time - Can be measured only when the wireless bike computer detects movement or for the whole period between starting and stopping.
  • Time of day - For commuters requiring best bike computer assistance.
  • Over/under average speed
  • Ride/trip distance - How far you've been and GPS bike computer assistance.
  • Odometer - Cycling computer feedback regarding how far you've ridden.


Today's bike computer technology offers more ride data than ever before. The combination of a smartphone and GPS computer to collect ride data can make sense for any rider, especially for competitive road bike and mountain bike riders who are assisted by cadence sensors, heart rate monitors, speed sensors and other bicycle computer innovations for displaying training peaks and other important information. Bike computer considerations include:

  • What cycling computer and GPS computer information do you want.
  • How do you intend to utilise speed sensor, cadence sensor, heart rate monitor and average speed information.
  • How much you are willing to spend on a GPS bike computer, head unit, front mount computer or computer bundle?
  • What other functionality is important? Computer connectivity, speedometer, turn navigation, iphone/android connectivity, long battery life, touchscreen.


When it comes to bike computers and related devices, you have several options:

Bike computer: These cycle computers include touchscreen for front mount handlebar attachment to your bike.

Pros: Compact cycling computer attached to the bike with lightweight, low profile mounting.

Cons: A dedicated bike computer only used when connected to a road bike, mountain bike or stationary bike.

Fitness monitor for cycling: A GPS sports cycle computer that can be mounted on the bike handlebars.

Pros: Use one weatherproof touchscreen device for accessing average speed, heart rate, training peaks and other information.

Cons: A little less compact and with a higher profile.

Smartphone: Use your GPS-enabled iphone or Android smartphone to run a cycling app.

Pros: Large, easy-to-read touchscreen. Provides a GPS computer guidance, turn navigation, mapping and other cycle computer information.

Cons: Requires a handlebar mounting bracket to attach the device to your bike. Limited battery life.The Anaconda collection of road bikes, mountain bikes and stationary bikes has something for everyone, including GPS bike computers and other accessories. Explore the full range of products from premium manufacturers such as Garmin, Shimano, Cateye, Ant, Lezyne and more.


You have several options in how a bike computer delivers information. These include the types of sensors (magnetic or GPS). And types of data transmission (wired or wireless). Other issues you may want to consider include backlighting (especially if traveling in the dark) and battery life. Check out our range of bike computers at Anaconda to find your ideal device.



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